The Amazing Race Your Target is Your Partners Face S14E02 (CBS)

The teams start off from Steckelberg, Switzerland. Margie/Luke leave at 3AM for Münich, Germany. They will drive themselves to Ruhpolding and ride a calbe car to the top of the mountain to retrieve their next clue. Tammy/Victor leave a few minutes later. They smartly use a cell phone. Mark/Michael leave minutes later. Mel injured his groin during the last leg. Within an hour, all of the teams have left. In the last 15 minutes, four teams leave. Steve feels sorry for the way he treated Linda. Jaime/Cara use a cell phone as well. Amanda/Kris and Mel/Mike do this as well. The first flight leaves at 7:10AM. The next one is at 8:45AM. The last one leaves at 10AM. Mark/Michael decide to relax.

Margie/Luke are booked on the first flight. Jodi/Christie book tickets on the 2nd flight. Marc/Michael didn’t reserve tickets. So they are on the second flight. They leave with Jodi/Christie. Tammy/Victor leave 1st. Amanda/Kris are 2nd followed by Margie/Luke. Jamie/Cara are 4th. Mel/Mike and Tish/Jen follow.

Tammy/Victor get onto the first cable car. Amanda/Kris are close behind. They have to wait 15 minutes for the next cable car. The teams face a roadblock. One teammate must paraglide down with an instructor. If wind conditions are unfavourable, teams can wait or take a 60 minute path down the mountain. Tish/Jen are lost. Most of the teams on the 1st flight arrive at the gondola. Tammy is told that the wind is bad, so she can walk down. She elects to walk down. That’s bad. Wind is precarious and can change quickly.

Amanda/Kris, Jaime/Cara and Mel/Mike arrive at the paragliding station. Mel/Mike decide to wait. Victoria decides to walk down. Steve/Linda arrive. Margie decides to run down. Kris leaves on foot. Jamie and Cara talk with Luke. Linda decides to walk down .Mel is the only one left. Tish/Jen and Jodi/Christie arrive. Cara decides to run down. Mark/Michael arrive last. The small stunt men decide to run down. Christie runs down. Tish leaves as well. Mel is left by himself. The wind is good and they can go ahead. Tammy/Victor are still first. They must drive themselves to Schönau am Königsee for their next clue. Mel takes off. Margie arrives at the bottom of the mountain. Kris is next. Amanda/Kris leave next. Victoria arrives next. Linda misreads the arrows and takes the wrong path. Mel arrives next. They are 5th. When Steve finds out that the other teams are running, he’s worried.

Teams face a Detour. They must choose between Balancing Dolly, in which they ride a Segway along an obstacle course, or Austrian Folly, in which teams must throw pies at each other’s faces until they find the one with cherries inside. Tammy and Victor choose the pies. It takes about 45 minutes. The teams must make their way to some automated tree cutters. Their clue will be printed on a piece of wood. They must make their way to Schloss Hellbrunn, in Salzburg, Austria, the next pit stop.

Mark and Cara are next. Linda is totally lost. Jen is next down. Linda arrives at a street. Linda starts to cry. Christie is next down. Linda starts to walk along the road. She asks help from some passing motorists. A lady drives her to the gondolas.

Tammy and Victor finish first. They win two hybrid golfcarts. Amanda/Kris get to the Detour. They do Austrian Folly. They are also pretty quick. Linda arrives. They are last. Mel/Mike decide to ride a Segway. Luke doesn’t want to do the pies, but Margie insists. Mel/Mike finish the obstacle course. They leave for the pit stop. Brad/Victoria arrive at the Detour and do the pies. Tish/Jen and Jodi/Christie take a wrong turn. It took a long time for Luke/Margie to find the cherry pie. Brad/Victoria find theirs quickly. Jaime/Cara do the Segway. Mark/Mike and Tish/Jen do the Segways. Jodi/Christie decide to do the pies. Amanda/Kris get lost. Mel/Mike had trouble with a gate. They finish 2nd. Amanda/Kris finish 3rd. Luke/Marige finish 4th. Brad/Victoria finish 5th.

After 14 hours, Jaime and Cara finish the race. They finish 6th. Steve/Linda pass the flight attendants on their way to the pies. The blondes have trouble finding the wood. They pick up some random wood. Steve/Linda finish their Detour. The blondes still haven’t found the woodcutters. Steve/Linda have caught up with them.

Thanks to some help, the blondes find the woodcutters. The dark makes navigation hard. Tish/Jen finish 7th. Jen is finding her sister incredibly annoying. Mark/Mike finish 8th. The blondes finish 8th. Steve/Linda are eliminated.

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