The Amazing Unfinished Business Race Don’t Ruin the Basketball Game S18E05 (CBS)

Oceanworld Manly, via Wikipedia

It’s funny how unhappy the teams were to see the goths on the train to Kunming. They haven’t made any friends, and Kent used the strategy to lie to the other teams about why they were so late. They did so because of the double U-Turn that was on this leg of the race. After it was used, by the goths on the cheerleaders, and by the cheerleaders on the basketball players, they came clean. I was surprised that Jaime couldn’t pull it together and eliminated her team from the race.

Zev/Justin learn that they must journey back to the Dounan Flower Market. There will be a double U-Turn on this leg of the race. The goths find their fanny pack again. All of the teams will be on the same 7PM train.

The goths incur a 30-minute penalty at the end of this leg of the race for taking the wrong flight from Tokyo. Kent says that they won’t tell anyone about the penalty.

Kisha/Jen, the basketball players and the cowboys play some basketball.

It’s like playing basketball with trees.

The cheerleaders are doing some cheers. The teams are enjoying themselves. Zev/Justin arrive. The goths arrive shortly after. The other teams are annoyed to see them.

Any murder would happen on the bottom bunk or middle bunk.

Teams must travel by taxi to some memorial gate. The cowboys take somebody else’s cab. The basketball players are stuck without a taxi. They find one close by though. Ron/Christina are in 1st place, followed by Zev/Justin. They face a Detour. In Honor the Past, the teams must watch a traditional Tibetan performance and remember stuff. Without taking any notes, they must dress some dolls in the correct order. .In Embrace the Future, the teams must offload solar water heating system. They must carry it up to the roof of a building and properly assemble it. Wow, that last one seems very long.

Ron/Christina and Zev/Justin do Honor the Past. Margie/Luke do Embrace the Future, as do the basketball players. Some of the players are at the wrong place, but find it shortly later. The goths and cheerleaders do the solar tube task, as do the cowboys. Kisha/Jen do the doll task. Zev/Justin complete the Detour quickly.

They leave to find the next clue. There is double U-Turn ahead. Kisha/Jen finish as well. Ron/Christina finish too. They catch up to the other teams. The three teams are following each other. The basketball players are lost.

Margie/Luke finish and leave. Kent is having trouble. Gary/Mallory do the doll task. The cowboys are catching up to some of the other teams. The cheerleaders finish and go ahead. The cowboys finish and go to the U-Turn.

Ron/Christina’s leadership turns to ash. The taxi driver drove them all to the wrong one. Margie/Luke are the first ones there. They don’t U-Turn anyone. Teams must travel to the Stone Forest. The goths leave. The basketball players are last to leave the solar tube task. Gary/Mallory finish. The basketball players leave. The cowboys don’t U-Turn anyone. The goths U-Turn the cheerleaders, who were on the mat with them. It was Kent’s decision because he knew that the cheerleaders were behind them for sure. The cheerleaders U-Turn the basketball players. Zev/Justin, Kisha/Jen, and Gary/Mallory arrive.

The cheerleaders start the doll task. They get it on the 1st try. That was impressive. The basketball players also complete it on the 1st try.

Kisha/Jen tell their driver to lose the stragglers behind them. The cheerleaders get annoyed at their driver, who has to get gas again. Gary/Mallory and Zev/Justin are just driving around.

Kisha/Jen are 1st. They face a Roadblock. Teams must assemble a life-sized dinosaur. The replica is 20 feet long. It must pass the inspection of a palaeontologist. Ron/Christina arrive as do Margie/Luke. Kisha, Christina, and Margie do the task. The goths arrive. Kent does it. Vyxsin tells Jen about their time penalty and why they had to U-Turn. Ron isn’t impressed. He thinks that they are fake and wear kabuki masks. The cowboys arrive. Jet does this one. The basketball players arrive. The cheerleaders arrive as well. The joints have to be locked in. Zev/Justin and Gary/Mallory arrive. Justin and Gary do this. When he sees that they are last, Gary/Mallory use the Express Pass. They must find Garden Lake Park. It’s the pit stop. Margie and Kent are in front of the pack. Jet is first. They leave for the pit stop. Flight Time gets into it with Vyxsin and Cara. The cowboys leave before Gary/Mallory. Margie completes it and they leave.

The cowboys finish 1st. They win $5K each. Gary/Mallory finish 2nd.

Justin is having trouble with his dinosaur. Kent falls off his step ladder. He checks the diagram and has to start over. Jaime is also having trouble. Cara takes a plunge as well. Kisha/Jen leave for the pit stop. The goths complete their task.

Margie/Luke finish 3rd. Jaime is losing it. She’s crying and having a panic attack. The goths pass Kisha/Jen. The basketball players complete the task and leave.

The goths are 4th, but have to wait out their 30-minute penalty. Kisha/Jen arrive and finish 4th. The goths finish 5th. The basketball players finish 6th. That’s good. They beat the double U-Turn. Christina finishes her dinosaur. They leave for the pit stop. That leaves Justin and Jaime working on the dinosaur. Justin finishes and they leave.

Ron/Christina finish 7th and Zev/Justin finish 8th. It was a sprint to the end. The cheerleaders are eliminated.

* * * * *

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