The Amazing Race I Hate Chinese Food S17E10 (CBS)

Chad should have done the last Roadblock. He’s a total idiot for making Steph do it instead.

Teams start out from Bangladesh and leave for Hong Kong. They will make their way to Cheung Po island to find a cave. Jill/Thomas haven’t seen another team in a while. All of the teams are on the same 11:55 flight.

There’s a VT of Nick crying about how much he appreciates Vick. She calms him down.

Bam/Claire are looking forward to making Thomas feel embarrassed. Naturally, they meet up with everyone at the airport. Thomas takes it well. Jill feels uncomfortable. All teams are traveling to HK via Singapore.

Jill/Thomas win the foot race and get onto the 1st bus. The others trail behind. Vick’s asthma is starting up. Nat/Kat and Bam/Claire make it onto the ferry on time. Nick/Vick don’t make it. The next ferry is in 30 minutes.

I’m sick of you being sorry.
Nick to Vick

Nick makes Vick cry again. He’s a right bastard. He’s abusive. She needs to find someone better. On the island, Claire has trouble keeping up with Bam.

Teams will travel by ferry to Kowloon. They must find a restaurant for their next clue. Claire is slowing Bam down. They almost miss the ferry.

-Let’s hug it out.
-We did suck it out.
-No, hug it out!
Bam to Claire before they hug

Nat/Kat have a slight lead. They face a Roadblock in the Majesty Restaurant. Using chopsticks, teams must find 1 of 5 fake items in a giant buffet. Any food they pick up, they must eat it. Bam is funny. She starts dancing on stage.

Kat, Jill, and Bam dance on stage. Nat completes it first. They must figure out that they must find Bruce Lee’s statue.

Teams face a Detour. They must choose between Ding Ding or Sam Pan. In Ding Ding, teams board a 100-year old tram system. They must ride a portion of a route to look for 3 signs among hundreds, which when put together spell out the next pit stop. If the ride ends before they figure it out, they have to start over. In Sam Pan, teams pick up a cage with two parakeets, and board a type of boat named Sam Pan. They must search among hundreds of boats docked in Aberdeen harbour to find the one matching their reggo on the cage.

Thomas finds a fake piece of food. They leave.

Nat/Kat do the parakeet task on the boat. It’s already dark. Jill/Thomas do Ding Ding. Nick/Vick arrive. Bam/Claire are there. Kat had to keep the parakeets entertained by blowing a whistle.

Claire is stuffing herself. She’s been eating for a while. She barfs. She runs off and barfs. At least she managed to make it to the bathroom.

I’ve never puked so much in my life. I was like the exorcist.

When she comes back out, Claire finds it quickly. They leave.

I have barf breath, it’s ridiculous.

Claire has had a lot of ups and downs in the race. It’s pretty funny. Jill/Thomas decide to change Detours. They didn’t find any signs.

Vick almost barfs as well.

Jill/Thomas find Nat/Kat still doing the Detour. It took Jill/Thomas about a minute to find the right boat. They have to leave for the pit stop, Statue Square. Nat/Kat find theirs and leave as well.

It’s the middle of the night and Jill/Thomas have trouble finding a cab. Nat/Kat beat them.

Bam/Claire do Sam Pan. Nick/Vick are still at the restaurant. People are starting to leave. Vick barfs. Nick tells her that they should take a penalty and go through. He’s not very supportive. Vick says that she doesn’t to quit. She perseveres and they finish the task. They do Sam Pan.

Bam/Claire find their boat. They leave for the pit stop. Nick is complaining a lot and talks about quitting. He lies down and quits. He starts to sleep, leaving Vick to do this by herself. She tries and fails. It’s 4AM. They take a 6-hour penalty and not finish the Detour. They leave for the pit stop.

It’s a race to the pit stop. Nat/Kat finish 1st. They win a trip for two to Rio. Jill/Thomas finish 2nd. Bam/Claire finish 3rd. Nick/Vick aren’t eliminated. They have a 6-hour penalty and will face a Speed Bump.

* * * * *

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