The Amazing Race This Is the Worst Thing Ive Ever Done in My Life S15E07 (CBS)

Sam/Dan came in 1st. They beat Meghan/Cheyne. The poker players were eliminated not for lack of trying. The teams leave for Stockholm, Sweden. They must travel to an amusement park. There are two KLM flights. One leaves at 6:55 AM and another at 9:25. The KLM counter is closed and doesn’t open until 5:30AM.

I find that strange, as these types of counters are open almost 24/7. It must have been closed because of the Race. Gary/Matt and Ericka/Brian don’t make it on the early flight. They are 2:30 hours behind the others.

In Stockholm, the teams scramble to get onto the train. Sam/Dan make it onto the train in time. The BB players are left behind.

The teams must go on a ride. They must spot their next clue from the ride. It’s a Roadblock. Both Dan and Cheyne spot it quickly. Teams will do some ring tossing. Teams must choose Nobel Dynamite or Vikings. In Nobel Dynamite, they must set out some sandbags to blow up some earth in order to find a box. In Viking Alphabet, they must decode some Viking script.

Flight Time looked like he was about to poop his pants when he was coming down on the ride. Gary/Matt and Ericka/ Brian arrive. Gary/Matt miss their train. Brian/Ericka get the clue. Brian is afraid of heights, so Ericka has to do it. All the teams decide to blow stuff up. The BB players make up lots of time because the other teams took a lot of time to find the bomb range.

Sam/Dan use their hands to fill sandbags with their hands. Meghan wants them to fill one sandbag at a time. It’s a bit idiotic. She can’t keep her bag open while she shovels. Gary/Matt are lost. Sam/Dan complete their bunker first and blow stuff up. Teams must drive themselves to a farm to complete one of the toughest challenges in the Amazing Race. Finding a clue is a bunch of haystacks. Meghan/Cheyne leave for the farm. Meghan is bitching to Cheyne in the car.

Ericka has to get down and dirty at the Detour. She’s ruining her manicure. Oh no! Sam/Dan race each other to the Roadblock. The farm is also the pit stop for this leg of the race. Dan is getting on Sam’s nerves already. Cheyne makes Meghan do it for being a bitch. Dan is terrible. He keeps shouting at Sam, who’s getting pissed off. The BB players arrive. Big Easy does it. Sam tells Dan to shut up. He keeps shouting at him like a bastard.

Brian/Ericka finish while Gary/Matt arrive. All teams are now at the farm. The BB players find the flag first. They finish 1st. They win a trip for two. The teams have been working at it for 2 hours. Dan finally shuts up. He realizes that he was being an ass thanks to Brian, who tells him that’s it’s quite hard. Meghan finds one and decides to mess with Cheyne. They leave for the pit stop. Brian finds one and they finish 3rd.

Sam finds a flag and they finish 4th. Gary/Matt finish last. They find their flag after 3 hours. They aren’t eliminated. It’s a non-elimination race. They will face a Speed Bump in the next leg of the race.

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