The Amazing Race They Don’t Call It The Amazing Race For Nothin S17E01 (CBS)

Brooke/Claire are HSN sellers. Chad/Stefanie are dating and from Miami. Katie/Rachel are beach volleyball partners. Connor/Jonathan are ivy league A cappella singers. Nat/Kat are doctors as well as BFFs.

I think that we’re the nerd team.
The Hot Doctors

Nope, Hot Doctors, the Nerds are the nerds, you’re the Hot Doctors!

Michael/Kevin are Internet sensations. Nick/Vickie are tattooed bikers. They are sporting a lot of ink. Ron/Tony are BFFs. Jill/Thomas are dating. Gary/Mallory are father and daughter. She is Miss Kentucky from 2009. Andy/Jenna are mother/daughter. They have been recently reunited.

At the end of this leg of the race, the winning team gets the Express Pass. It allows them to skip a task that they don’t want to complete. The 1st flight only has 3 places.

The teams are flying to London, England. They must go to Stonehenge. They drive off in Smart cars.

Connor/Jonathan get promptly lost. Ron/Tony are one of the 1st teams there. Chad/Steph are 2nd. Brook/Claire are lost. Jill/Thomas arrive. Katie/Rachel arrive. Brook/Claire, Gary/Marlloy, and Nat/Kat all arrive.

Ron/Tony are 1st on the flight. Chad/Steph decide to wait in line. Jill/Thomas are 2nd. Chad/Stef have to race with Katie/Rach. Chad/Stef are the 3rd team. Katie/Rach need to go to Virgin Atlantic. Gary/Mallory are already in line with Nick/Vicki and Brook/Claire. Kevin/Mike arrive. The singers are last.

Chad/Steph get lost. They end up at the airport and have to turn around.

Brook/Claire are the 1st ones off from the other flight. Nat/Kat are next. Vicki/Nick are next. Nat is a type 1 diabetic.

Andie has trouble with the stick shift. Their car died in the middle of traffic. That’s messed up. Connor/Jonathan stop to help? It’s a race. Andie was putting it in reverse or using the clutch.

Nat/Kat are the 1st ones to arrive at Stonehenge. They have to find Eastnor Castle. Jill/Thomas and Katie/Rach arrive. Jill/Thomas smartly use the Internet to find directions. Brook/Claire are in 4th place.

One of the volleyball players (Rachel) has trouble with stick shift. The Hot Doctors hook up with Brook/Claire. It’s actually the other way round.

From being in the front of the pack, Ron/Tony are in the back. Gary/Mallory arrive at Stonehenge with the Singers. They start working together. Andie/Jenna and Chad/Steph arrive. Nick/Vicki arrive next. Vicki admits that this is the 1st time she heard of Stonehenge.

Jill/Thomas are at Eastnor Castle. Nat/Kat are 2nd. Brook/Claire are 3rd. Teams must not climb a wall guarded by a team of peasants. Then they must travel across a moat to a knight in shining armour.

Gary/Mallory get a flat. The Singers decide to go ahead alone. Jill/Thomas sink immediately. Nat/Kat do the same. They have to start again. Chad/Steph arrive at the castle followed by Katie/Rach.

Ron/Tony arrive at Stonehenge. They are last. Jill/Thomas are across first followed by Nat/Kat. Chad/Steph sink a few times.

I need Kindergarten directions, obviously.

Ron/Tony, Nick/Vick, and Andie/Jenna are lost.

Teams face a Roadblock. They have to use a ballista to fire melons at a target. The jester will give them their next clue. Brook/Claire are next. Nat/Kat arrive too.

Connor/Jonathan arrive at the castle. Katie/Rach start across the moat. Chad/Steph fail on their 12th attempt.

Thomas scores a hit and gets his clue. They must search the grounds for the pit stop. They finish 1st.

Katie/Rach cross ahead of the nerds and the Tinkerbell team. Nat scores a hit. They head to the pit stop. They finish 2nd.

Mike/Kevin scale the wall. Claire does something stupid and the melon hits her square in the face. She gets it right in the kisser.

The Nerds cross the moat. Claire gets it finally.

I can’t feel my face.
Claire after getting hit in the face with a melon from the ballista. It exploded.

Connor and Rachel head to the pit stop. Connor/Jonathan finish 3rd. Brook/Claire are team #4. Katie/Rach finish 5th.

Kevin/Mike have a lot of trouble with the boat. Mallory/Gary arrive. They cross the moat. Kevin/Mike follow them.

Chad/Steph head for the pit stop. However, instead of going in the right direction, they go the opposite way.

Ron/Tony and Nick/Vick are hopelessly lost. Andie/Jenna start climbing the wall. Nick/Vick arrive at the castle. They can’t figure out where to get the flag. They are kind of stupid. They ask the actors if they are battlements. Then, they can’t figure out where the moat or the boats are. They can’t find the boats. The boats are these shields. They find an interesting way to cross. They straddle the shield.

Ron/Tony finally arrive. Gary hits his target, as does Kevin. They head to the pit stop. Gary/Mallory finish 6th. Mike/Kevin finish 7th. Chad/Steph finish 8th.

Jenna touches the target. They go to the pit stop. Ron/Tony have trouble with the shield boat. Andie/Jenna finish 9th. Nick hits his target. They finish 10th.

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