The Amazing Race This is the Most Stupid Day Ever S18E04 (CBS)

Oceanworld Manly, via Wikipedia

Ron is definitely annoying. He’s abusive at times and wastes a lot of time. He’s always stopping to get something to eat and it’s driving his daughter mad. That wasn’t the worst meltdown though, it was the goths who got totally lost in Tokyo. I found it amazing how long it took them to get to the airport. They had been driving all night and day and yet they still couldn’t find the airport. They didn’t even stop to ask directions. Anyway, no teams were eliminated and they are still racing at the end of this leg.

Teams travel to China. Due to travel restrictions, all teams take the same flight into China. Then, teams can make their own way to Li Jiang. Both Ron and Christina have gone to Li Jiang before. Kent/Vyxsin have trouble finding their car. Then, they can’t open the trunk. Then, they have trouble navigating. They can’t find the airport. All of the other teams are at the airport. At 6:30AM, the other teams are checking in. Meanwhile, Kent/Vyxsin have gone the wrong way for hours.

At 9:20AM, the other teams are boarding the flight. The goths are still driving. They arrive after the teams left. The next flight is in the afternoon. They leave at 3:30PM. The other teams have a 5.5 hour head start.

Ron/Christina find two trains that leave right after they arrive. They are on the 1st train leaving at 8:50PM. The other teams are on the later train at 10PM. The goths arrive at 1:36AM.

Ron/Christina arrive in Li Jiang at 5:36AM. The transfers to the mountain depart at 8AM. The goths are at the airport at 6AM and take a flight to Li Jiang. Vyxsin loses her passport, but she finds it at the counter. Jaime/Cara, Margie/Luke, the basketball players, Zev/Justin, the cowboys and Gary/Malory arrive.

The goths arrive in Li Jiang at 8:15AM. The other teams arrive at Jade Dragon Mountain. Teams must ride a yak across a river. Teams must ride a gondola up the mountain to find Spruce Meadow. The altitude is creating problems. They face a Roadblock. Teams must search for zodiac charms that match the Chinese zodiac. Once all have been found, they must put them in the correct order to receive their clue. The goths arrive at the mountain. Luke, Mallory and Christina are in the lead. Mallory gets the clue first. She helps Luke out. That was nice. Teams must locate the marked buses to go to Old Town Li Jiang. Christina and Luke leave. Cord is done. Zev can’t find the rabbit. The basketball players are finished. They are very loud. Cara is done. Jen is also finished. Zev is still looking for the rabbit. The goths are going up the mountain. Christina/Ron get on the wrong bus.

The goths start the Roadblock. Kent tells Justin that they had car trouble and that’s why they missed the flight.

Ron is losing it on the little cart. Christina falls off. She runs after the bus. The basketball players stop their bus to let them on.

Zev doesn’t understand that he has to put the charms in order.

Gary/Mallory arrive 1st. Each team member must locate their Chinese zodiac sign, write a wish and deposit it in the right slot. They face a Detour. Teams have to control either a hammer or horn. In Hammer, teams must pulverize candy using a big hammer. In Horn, teams make their way to a square. They must pick up a large horn and lead a procession to a castle. That one sounds long. Ron/Christina, the basketball players, the cowboys, Kisha/Jen arrive. The basketball players don’t know their Chinese zodiac sign. Jaime/Cara do Horn. Zev completes the Roadblock and they leave. The goths are still there. I think it was kind of weak of Kent to make Vysxin do this task. It was obvious that she was already flustered. He should have done it. Vyxsin is crying and freaking out.

The basketball players use a process of elimination to get their clue. It was ridiculous. Ron keeps stopping for food. He’s slowing his team down. I guess he doesn’t understand that it is a race.

Gary/Mallory start pounding the candy. Margie/Luke, Kisha/Jen, Ron/Christina, Kisha/Jen are pounding away. Jaime/Cara go to do the other task when they realize that the horn is too big.

After crying and freaking out for half an hour, Vyxsin finds the missing piece.

The cowboys, Gary/Mallory, Margie/Luke leave for the center of Li Jiang to find the Eternal Tower, the pit stop for this leg of the race. Ron is an ass. Ron eats the candy. He’s a total asshat. Zev/Justin arrive. They face the Detour. They do horn.

The goths leave.

Margie/Luke finish 1st. They win a trip for 2 to Aruba. Phil tells them that they are still racing. The cowboys, Gary/Mallory, Ron/Christina, Kisha/Jen, the BB players, Jaime/Cara continue racing.

The goths lose their fanny pack in the gondola. They have to go back to the gondola. Since they are still racing, the goths won’t get eliminated. At the end of the episode, we heard that Kent surmised that the fanny pack was in the gondola.

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