The Amazing Race Run Like Scalded Dogs S16E03 (CBS)

The grandma team was eliminated.

Teams must take a bus through the Andes mountains and into Argentina. They must drive themselves and find a Travelocity gnome. Butch Cassidy & the Sundance Kid hid out there.

Jet/Cord find a traveler who has been to Bariloche. She clues them in. Caite is throwing up. She’s got food poisoning. They go to the ER. Caite is getting some shots.

3 hours later, Brent/Caite decide to leave. They got some IV for fluids. What a bunch of wimps! They are the last to depart at 4:25AM.

The cowboys get interrogated by the lesbians. They are very pushy. The cowboys aren’t talking much. The cowboys, the lesbians, and Joe/Heidi leave on the first bus. The other teams leave on the later bus.

Jet/Cord are the 1st ones off. The other two teams want to follow them. The cowboys pull over and let the two other teams pass them.

The half-gay brothers have trouble with their cars.

Joe/Heidi arrive first. They have to win a hand of 5-card stud. The cowboys and lesbians are there too. Joe/Heidi leave first followed by the Lesbos. The gnome is beating the cowboys.

The teams face a Roadblock. They must do some steer roping. The cowboys won’t have trouble with this. The Big Brother team arrives to play some cards. On the 2nd try, Jet gets it. They get the clue and leave for Puento Nirihau.

-I can’t believe that I missed it on the first try.
-That’s kind of embarrassing.
-I’m going to hear about this when I get home.

The lesbians and Joe/Heidi leave.

Brent/Caite bicker. Steve/Allie move on to 5th place.

The teams face a Detour. They have to choose between Horse Sense and Horse Power. In Horse Sense, they need to use some directions to find a bag of stolen money. They must deliver it. In Horse Power, they play some Polo.

The cops arrive to play cards. Steve/Allie leave. Jet/Cord start playing polo using a wooden horse. They have to score a goal in 9 shots or less. The Lesbos are bickering. They do Horse Sense. The cowboys finish their Detour and make their way to the pit stop.

The BB team do the Horse Sense task. The half-gay brothers arrive to play some cards. The attorney moms and the cops are still lassoing. Joe/Heidi do the compass task. Steve/Allie do Horse Power. Steve falls, but gets up right away.

One of the lesbians had a temper tantrum. They’ve only been dating for 5 months. They decide to change tasks.

Brent/Caite are lost. Caite is driving because Brent can’t drive stick. The half-gay brothers move into 6th place. The cops and the moms are still at the lasso task.

The BB team finds the loot but don’t give it to the lead bandit. Joe/Heidi leave for the train station. Jeff doesn’t think about asking questions. Joe/Heidi bring the bandit the wrong bag. They decide to do Horse Power. Jeff finds another bag, but the gunslinger doesn’t say anything. The cops finally leave. They are in 7th place.

Steve/Allie are in 2nd place and move to the pit stop. The Lesbos leave in 3rd place. Joe keeps falling off. Brent/Caite arrive to play some cards. The moms are still there. Brent gets the lasso on the 2nd try, much to the dismay of the attorney moms. They leave in 8th place.

The attorney moms pray a lot and get it finally. They are in last place. Jet/Cord finish 1st. They win a 10-day trip for two to Patagonia. The cops use their police acumen and try to reason out the directions. The half-gay brothers leave for Horse Power. The BB team leaves and figures out that they got the wrong bandit.

We’re so stupid. We shouldn’t definitely reproduce.

Steve/Allie finish 2nd. The Lesbos are 3rd.

The BB team leaves for the pit stop. Joe/Heidi finish 4th. The cops decide to do Horse Power. Brent/Caite do the same. The attorney moms arrive as well. The half-gay brothers have trouble. They are on their 3rd attempt. They finally leave 6th for the pit stop.

The BB team finishes 5th. The cops are on their 2nd attempt. The attorney-moms are getting tried. They are on their 3rd attempt. Brent/Caite leave for the pit stop they are 7th. The cops are 8th.

Dan/Jordan finish 6th. The attorney moms do the other Detour. Brent/Caite finish 7th. The cops finish 8th. The attorney moms find the loot. They are eliminated.

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