Big Brother UK S12E47 (Channel 5)

The house has been decked in blood red carpet. HM are unaware that the house will host the premiere of Paranormal Activity 3.

The HM are awoken by a chorus of moaning.

Anton and Jay are discussing who to nominate in their place. Anton thinks that Faye, Alex, and Aaron are the most annoying. They agree that Faye is the most annoying. They aren’t bothered by Tom, Lou, Harry, and Jem. Both Harry and Jem won’t last long. Jay thinks that Aaron might go to the final with Tom, himself, and Lou. Anton says that Lou is boring to watch so she might not make it.

Aaron and Jem are talking gameplay while Anton and Jay are listening in. Aaron reveals that the week that Faye and Aaron were going to be nominated, he worked hard at changing the nominations. He was able to change Lou’s vote. He reveals that he got Aden and Jay into the noms. Anton is really impressed by Aaron. He thinks that Aaron has probably figured out that they are watching the HM and he’s being very careful.

HM have been told that in order to get a seat the world premiere that shitty movie, they have to be super entertaining. What they don’t know is that only Jay and Anton will be voting on who gets in. The picked off HM will become zombies. Anton choose Alex first. Then Anton chooses Harry. Anton chooses Faye. She’s not happy.

Aaron is making out with his zombie girlfriend. Then, they talk about their relationship.

Zombie HM are trapped in the bathroom while the others get ready. The sara are going through the house on the red carpet. I see Lucien, Dean Balk and Katie Pryce. I also see Nikki, Bobby and Paddy and other star HM.

The HM join the VIPs for the premiere. The zombies go to the diary room. BB tells them some stories.

Anton and Jay decide to do some last minute pranks. They are let out of the crypt. Alex is really annoyed at missing the premiere. She starts to cry. It’s funny because she’s so simple. She starts wailing.

After 1:45, the zombies return to the house. They find it trashed. The VIPs arrive. Lou says that they’ve done it. By they, she means Anton and Jay.

BB calls the HM to the big task room. BB will stage a fake seance to reveal the ghosts. The lights to out and Anton and Jay burst out of their coffins. Jay tells them that they were watching them for the last two days. He says that they were boring bastards.

Anton wants Jem to join him in facing the public vote. Jay chooses Harry. Harry is talking to BB about being put up by Jay.

Jay tells Jem and Faye that they heard everything about them and Aaron. Jay says that he’s going to leave it to Anton.Jay says that he picked Harry because he’s sly. They say that people have been talking behind people’s backs. Faye is grilling Aaron. Jay told Aaron that Harry is really different in the diary room. Aaron and Faye both like Harry, so they don’t know what to think. They might be just planting seeds of discord.

Jay is continuing to stir shit up. He’s talking to Alex and Tom. He says that he liked seeing Aaron. He understand why the public like him.

Jem and Lou grill Anton while he’s taking a shower. He says that Aaron and Harry think that Lou is thick and that Jem is trying to fit in by worrying about food. Harry drives the conversation. Aaron was being very careful. Harry was talking shit about them too. Anton says that Harry isn’t as popular as they might think.

Jem is in the diary room. Faye tells Aaron what Anton and Jay told them. Aaron says that he hasn’t slagged off Jem or Lou. He doesn’t know if he likes Jem yet. He’s slowly getting to know her.

* * * * *

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