Big Brother UK S12E27 (Channel 5)

Today is Anton’s birthday and it’s time for a good BB prank. They will tell him that his single was released and it’s on the top 10 charts. It’s all fake. His friends are part of the prank.

BB wakes Anton up with his favorite tune. Faye and Maisy are gossiping in the loo. They snogged some more last night. Jay is spilling the beans in the diary room. He slept in the same bed as Lou.

BB gives Anton a birthday treat. The rest of the HM are watching on the screen. He gets a cape and a crown. He can ask all of the HM to wait on him on hand and foot. They tell him about this single. Aaron immediately thinks that it might be a windup. BB tells HM that they must wait on Anton. BB also tells them that the track hasn’t even been released. HM must keep Anton fooled all day so that he gets a party.

King for a day, fool for a lifetime. Anton makes Mark drop his bottoms. Then he has Aaron use butter on his nipples. Then, Jay has to lick it off. That’s a bit gay.

Lou is in the diary room. She says that she feels funny because Jay slept in her bed last night.

Aaron tells Anton that he should make Harry become his human footstool. Harry mutters that Anton is a dick.

Faye, Lou, and Alex are talking about romance.

Anton is thinking about his hit. He’s talking to the HM, annoys Aaron and then gets called to the diary room to answer some questions about his hit.

Aden and Tom are giving Faye and Maisy a massage. Harry and Jay are working on Lou inside. She’s enjoying the male attention.

Anton is exercising his power. He makes Aden rap. It’s pitiful.

I’d have Harry walk around like a caterpillar.

Mark is in the diary room talking about Anton. Faye and Aaron are playing with each other in the garden. Some of the other HM are watching on. Faye throws some water at him and Aaron throws her in the pool. She calls him a dickhead and stalks after him. Aaron is in the sauna. Faye wants to get him. He distracts and uses the pail on her again. She looks shocked.

BB shows the HM some footage of CJ being interviewed by Emma Davis. Maisy and Faye say that they feel really bad. Dim Alex needs some explanations to realize that it’s fake.

Outside, Anton is pretty jealous of his bandmate CJ for being on the outside world. The HM get their party. Anton gets some last minute practice in the diary room. While he starts rapping, two hotties arrive on stage in skimpy outfits. Harry isn’t impressed. Jay liked the birds. Maisy gives it an 8 and that it won’t go to #1.

I don’t know how to download shit like that. I’d YouTube it.
Dim Alex

After his performance, CJ comes clean on the screen.

Anton is in the diary room and says that he didn’t believe it for a second because of his high IQ. I think that he’s BS.

Anton orders some of the HM to kiss each other. Mark kisses Faye on the cheek and then Aaron gives Faye a good smooch on the lips. Aden kisses Faye on the cheeks. Mark kisses Maisy, Faye kisses Maisy, etc. It’s getting somewhat awkward. Jay gives Tom a fake kiss. Jay kisses Lou. It’s just a few smooches.

It was a bit of a shit kiss.

Most of the HM are dancing to some music. Jay is preparing a special gift for Louise. That’s cute. He tells Lou that he left her a message. She has to look now or it will get messed up.

Lou runs to the diary room after thanking Jay for the message.

It’s the most romantic thing anyone’s done for me in my entire life.

The message said: I’m shy, I love you. You’re an angel. Just want to kiss. You’re my dream girl. I just want you to be mine.

* * * * *

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