Celebrity Big Brother UK Final S08E22 (Channel 5)

The HM get a spread for their last night in the BBUK house. There are oysters. John coughs it right back up. Jedward get some awards to distribute to the HM.

Amy Childs for being so fit it’s a joke.

Brian talks with the BBUK house. Kerry and Paddy gets the most cheers. The next evicted HM is Bobby. That was predictable. The 2nd evicted HM is Darryn. That was also predictable and he also looks a bit like a freak. I like hearing the Australian accent. It makes me miss BBAU.

Lucien is the next one out. Dang, I got three out of three until now. Amy is the next one out. Four out of four.

Now things get a bit more interesting. Amy is shown footage of her and Lucien. Lucien also sees this on the Jumbotron. She says that she didn’t fancy him.

The more tipsy you got, the more you fancied him.

Amy is lying. She did fancy Lucien, at the time. Jedward are the next evicted HM. Five out of five.

We brought 20 suitcases.

Paddy wins CBBUK 8. Six out of six. Not bad. My BBUK juices are flowing. Kerry is extremely nervous coming out. It looks like she almost has a panic attack. She’s shaking all over. She had trouble talking.

Paddy is quite ecstatic when he exits the house.

Pamela Anderson is in the BBUK. BB tells her that she will be waiting for the new HM tomorrow.

* * * * *

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