Big Brother UK S12E42 (Channel 5)

Aaron and Faye are hugging. It’s the morning after the burp.

Lou is going on about his entrance. He got all cheers. Whatever. He’s a total git.

Alex and Lou are bronzing. Faye says that she doesn’t want her in the bathroom while she’s naked. She gets embarrassed. Jem leaves in a huff. They start arguing.

Aden says that he’ll tell them off. Instead, he gives Jem a cuddle, who starts crying. They hug it out a bit later.

Harry has fashioned a chessboard. He’s playing with Aaron. Faye tells Alex about her conversation with Aaron. She says that it’s hard because she really likes Aaron.

Lou is pampering Jay. Harry is called to the diary room. He gets a posh test. He is 93% posh. He wins a hamper for the HM.

It’s eviction day. The nominated HM are killing time.

Aaron is wandering around in a circle. He’s talking to himself. Anton and Jay notice and laugh about it.

Aaron and Faye hop into bed. Aaron says that he really likes her and wants her to be his girlfriend. She’s somewhat surprised.

Lou and Jay do the same.

It’s time for Aden to leave! Anton is quite surprised to get boos and Jay is surprised to get cheers. Aaron is the first safe HM, followed by Faye. Jay is next. That says a lot. Aaron looks quite happy. Anton is wearing a stupid crown. Aden is evicted. Anton has a little cry. I don’t care.

BB delivers a hamper filled with posh nosh. Alex doesn’t like it.

Jay and Aaron are talking in the garden. Tom and Lou say that they wanted Aden to leave. Tom says that Anton is truthful.

Other than that, there is no reason to boo me.
Anton deluding himself.

Tom says that Aaron will not win. Tom says that Aaron didn’t think that was going to go.

The HM get some music and beer.

Faye and Lou sneak a cheeky fag, whilst hiding from Jem.

Lou and Jay are talking. Lou says that she really likes him and adores him.

Anton is commiserating in the diary room about his gameplay.

Aaron and Faye are looking at the stars.

Jay and Lou are in the diary room.

Jemma, Alex, and Tom start chucking some Frosted Flakes all around. Anton joins in.

Aaron and Faye are snogging in the toilet.

Oh, there having a Frosties fight.

Jay and Lou come out of the diary room and are shocked by the amount of Frosties everywhere. Aaron goes to the diary room.

Anton puts Frosties into Faye and Jemma’s underpants.

* * * * *

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