Big Brother UK S12E26 (Channel 5)

It’s eviction day.

I got here on my genuinity.

Jay recounts that he had an orgy with five girls. It just happened. Anton says just getting three is a struggle. He says that he will try to get 5. Aaron is in the diary room talking about the lies he just heard outside.

The HM are enjoying the sun. Lou and Harry are talking about the nominations. The HM see a plane passing overhead with a message for Maisy. It says “behave yourself, dad”. It was followed by two hearts. Maisy starts to cry. She says that she’s overwhelmed and happy.

For today’s task, BB will ask HM to place bets on who will be evicted. HM who bet correctly will gain access to BB’s casino later today.

She is becoming a bit of a nightmare.
Lou about Heaven

All of the HM place their bets on Aden to leave. None of them places a bet on Heaven. BB reveals that Aden received all of the votes.

Aaron thinks that he is leaving tonight. Harry tries to talk with him. Aden is still annoyed about it.

Aaron and Faye are talking about their relationship. She says that he is a bit weird. She says that she likes that he is a geek. He’s also different during the day and night.

Alex is called to the diary room. She’s got to answer 3 questions correctly and then she’ll win supplies for a BBQ. Her questions are about Barbie. She gets all three right. Then misses one. Then gets the last one.

The HM are enjoying the BBQ. Aaron is in the diary room. He says that he is nervous about this week’s eviction. He doesn’t think that he’ll stay. There’s no chance.

Alex has trouble remembering the questions that BB asked her. Dim Alex says that Barbie is smart. She’s had all the cleverest jobs. Dim Alex has trouble separating fact from fiction. She thinks that Barbie was a real person.

Jay opens up to Lou. He says that he’s had 2 really shitty years. He needed sleeping pills to be able to get some sleep. He was hanging out with a bad crowd. Lou says that her older brother died. He was 28.

Aaron tells Faye that if she sees his diary room footage for the last 3 weeks, she’ll like it. Faye says that she does like him. Aaron says that he doesn’t want to go.

On her way out, Heaven falls down the stairs. Lou says that Heaven was properly hated. Only Aaron and Aden get into the casino room.

Tom tells Mark that Aaron was still being funny with him all week. Mark says not to worry. Aaron tells Aden that he felt sorry that everyone bet on Aden.

Faye is quizzing Maisy about Aaron. She does fancy him.

He’s just like an attractive geeky guy that’s quite hot.
Faye about Aaron

Faye asks Jay about Aaron. Jay says that Aaron really likes her. He really does. Faye tells Lou that Jay really likes her. He feels weird because she doesn’t really like him, or at least that’s what he feels. Lou says that she does like him, he’s a cute lad.

Aaron and Faye talk some more. He says that he likes her. He felt mortified that he kissed Maisy. It was supposed to be her.

Jay and Lou are in bed together, as are Maisy and Aden. Faye and Aaron are also in bed. Aaron is kissing Faye. They kiss passionately. Mark and Anton are commiserating about having no girls in their beds.

The HM hear Lou make a sound and think that she’s moaning.

* * * * *

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