Big Brother UK Final S12E71 (Channel 5)

Alex says something about Tom being evicted, but I can’t understand her. Tom’s eviction is being played to M83’s Midnight City off their new album *Hurry Up We’re Dreaming*. We see Alex ludicrous cries at not being with Tom for the final. Aaron has trouble understanding the boos that he got. Why is he being booed so much and why is he still in the house? That’s what he’s wondering about.

The HM have been dancing for the last 40 minutes.

Eviction Interviews

We see the old HM arrive. Anton still gets some boos.

Aaron gets more boos, Alex gets cheers, Jay gets a mixed bag again, and Lou gets more boos than cheers. The first evicted HM, and who finishes 4th is Lou.

Lou is shown footage of her and Jay.

The next evicted HM is Alex. Holy crap. Wow, the HM are shocked. Alex has never been up for eviction. She’s also never made her bed.

So, it’s between Jay and Aaron. Aaron has won BB, unsurprisingly because Jay is a bit ignorant and some of his comments were racist. Aaron is shocked. There are quite a few boos. He tells Brian that he needs a cup of tea. It sounds like Aaron is hyperventilating or crying hysterically.

Jay is shown footage of him and Lou.

The crowd starts booing Aaron when Brian talks to him. Aaron leaves the BBUK house. He’s greeted by a chorus of boos. That’s eerie. It’s never happened before. Upon his exit, Brian hands him the briefcase filled with money.

Brian talks with him about Faye. He says that he didn’t have a game plan.

* * * * *

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