Big Brother UK S12E19 (Channel 5)

The shit is going to hit the fan today. It’s all because of Aaron and a kiss. Louise shows off her thong, as does Maisy. Lots of bum action in the first few minutes.

Mark tells Harry that he will wank off today. Heaven, Faye, and Louise are talking that they are feeling funny today. They feel disturbed thanks to Rebeckah’s VT. Aden and Tom are speculating how they are perceived on the outside world. Tom thinks that it’s best not to know.

Faye is teasing Aaron about sitting down to have a wee. Maisy and Faye think that it’s very strange.

Maisy and Anton are talking. Maisy says that Louise isn’t prettier than her, it’s just that she’s 5 years older. Louise likes Aaron, Jay, Mark, and Harry. Maisy likes Ads. Anton tells her that Jay fancies her. She’s surprised.

Anton is called to the diary room to be punished for talking about the noms. He gets a sticker that says ‘I must not discuss nominations’. He must wear it over his mouth.

Louise tells Harry that he’s the poshest person she knows. Louise was topless in Nuts this week. Anton is miming to Maisy what’s been going on with Jay.

Anton is called back to the diary room. He can now remove the plaster. Tom and Heaven are talking about the HM. She says that she likes Jay, out of all of the HM in the house.

For today’s task, HM are playing House Chumps. Earlier today, HM rated themselves. Anton and Aaron are team captains. The red team has Aaron, Mark, Faye, Harry, Dim Alex, and Tom.

The blue team has got Jay, Ads, Anton, Louise, Maisy, and Heaven. Heaven is picked last. HM are wearing placards with their scores. They will face off against the other team. Anton scores first. Them Aaron scores. Heaven scores. Then Louise. Faye gets the next one. Dim Alex scores. Harry scores next. Then Jay and Harry. It’s 7-9 for the red team. Harry wins for his team. The red team is celebrating. Harry took it pretty seriously.

Fresh from the victory, Tom and Aaron are enjoying a victory shower. Heaven is sharing her sour grapes with BB. Heaven was rated the least popular person.

The red team gets a party. They get pizza, sweets, beer, and wine. Heaven is moping.

Anton and Maisy are talking about BB. He wants to stay in the house. It’s funny because Heaven is still here. Maisy tells Anton that she didn’t vote for Heaven. Anton smartly doesn’t say anything and shows her the mime of zipping his lips.

Jay and Mark decide to have a wank in the bedroom.

Touch my pillows and I’ll bite your arms.

The HM keep interrupting them. Jay finished very quickly. Tom tells Mark that he properly embarrassed himself. Tom and Aaron have a little spat. Tom is jealous of Faye. Tom says that he can see that Aaron wants to get on with Faye. Aaron tells Tom the that they can’t have this conversation.

As Mark lost the wanking contest, so he has to get only his right side tanned by Jay. His willy even gets tanned. He looks pretty funny. The In-Betweener!

Dim Alex is at a loss of words in the diary room about the whole situation.

Aaron and Faye are snuggling. Maisy gets into the same bed.

Anton thinks that he can get busy with Maisy on his birthday.

Aaron will you spoon just Maisy please.

Maisy and Aaron get comfy as Fay leaves the bed. Aaron gives Maisy a few kiss on the cheeks. Anton is watching this. Aaron and Maisy kiss.

* * * * *

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