Big Brother UK S12E37 (Channel 5)

Jay and Lou are still in the boudoir. Lou is kind of freaked out. She tells Alex that she doesn’t connect with Jay whatsoever. She thinks that he’s a lovely lad, but there isn’t any chemistry between them. Alex says that she needs to tell him.

Aaron is having a shower. Tom and Faye are watching him. Lou tells Jay what’s up.

He talks to the lads later. He says that it doesn’t feel right inside the house. Jay tells them that he has been feeling the same way about Lou. Aaron and Lou are talking about her breakup with Jay.

BB tells the HM that Jem cannot nominate and cannot be nominated. Until further notice, HM are allowed to talk about the noms.


Aaron Anton Jay “The sheer arrogance of him.”
Aden Aaron Faye
Alex Anton Aden “He puts women down.”
Anton Aaron Faye “We’re like chalk and cheese.”
Faye Anton Jay “He’s two-faced.”
Harry Anton Jay “He lied.”
Jay Aaron Harry “I don ta with him.”
Lou Aden Faye “She’s too emotional.”
Tom Anton Aden “He’s malicious.”

Anton, Aden, Faye, Aaron, and Jay are nominated. Alex, Lou, and Tom received no votes.

Aden tells Anton that he’s nominating Faye and Aaron. Anton is doing the same. Anton tells Jay. Faye says that she was going to vote for Anton and Jay

If you hang around with shit you gonna be shit.
Anton about Faye

Anton wants Harry to vote along their lines. Anton tells Harry that Aaron and Faye are nominating for him. Anton is a liar. Harry says that he went for the general consensus. Anton says that he doesn’t think that anyone will nominate him. That guy is such a prick. Harry won’t say who he nominated.

Harry tells Lou that Aaron nominated her. Anton says that Ads told him that. Lou asks Harry. Harry says that Aaron didn’t nominate her.

Tom says that it’s between Aden, Lou, and Anton. He tells this to Alex.

Faye is training with Jem.

Anton, Aden, and Aaron are talking about nominations. Aaron has got the right lead on how the votes will go. Aaron tells him that everyone sees that he is sexist. Anton doesn’t take it well. He says that Faye and Aaron are nominated.

Anton keeps talking about nominations. Anton is sure that he isn’t nominated and doesn’t believe that Harry would nominate him.

Aden has beef with Lou nominating him. She did.

Aaron and Harry are talking about the Queen with Alex.

BB has gathered the HM to reveal the noms. Aaron, Aden, Anton, Faye, and Jay are nominated. Anton is somewhat shocked. I’m pretty sure that Anton is gone. Jay is saying some strange stuff. He says that if he hears the crowd booing for him, he’ll leave the house.

Aaron and Faye are in the garden talking.

Anton and Harry are talking about the nominations.

You can’t put your eggs in other people’s basket. They will fuck you over.
Harry to Anton

-It’s been shit. It’s been absolutely horrible. It’s probably been the worse day in the world.
Alex in the diary room

Aaron and Faye are cuddling and talking about their relationship. Faye tells Aaron that she really likes him and that he makes her happy. Aaron says that they are building something that will go outside the house.

Harry comes into the bedroom and tells Aaron that Anton is gunning for him.

Aden tells Anton that he will never talk to Lou again. At least he’s got down who nominated him. He says that it’s Jay, Alex and Tom.

Jay laughs at how Anton is behaving. He’s in bed with Lou. Aden walks by and ignores Lou. Jay says that Aden and Anton are fake because they say that they don’t care, but in fact they do.

Anton comes in to commiserate. He says that Harry didn’t nominate him but he did.

Aaron is talking to Aden in the bedroom. Aden is not talking to her anymore. Aden says that he doesn’t want to clear the air.

It’s not like I murdered your cat.

Anton is talking BS in the diary room.

* * * * *

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