Big Brother UK S12E39 (Channel 5)

The HM failed the shopping task. Tom thinks that they will still get the luxury budget. Fat chance! BB is a stickler for the rules.

Aden talks about the divide in the house. He’s whining.

Aaron is talking to Tom about Anton’s plan which backfired. He’s moping in bed right now because he knows that his number is up. He’s going to get evicted.

The HM get £100 as a basic shopping budget. Jay is pissed off. Apparently, Jay spends that amount on food per day, or so he mentioned at one time. £100 is about £1.50 per HM per day. Anton starts going off on Aaron.

Jay and Lou are talking. Lou says that Anton is already a broken man. Jay agrees. Anton comes into the bedroom and says that even if his name isn’t called on Friday, he will leave the BBUK house.

Aaron comes to the diary room. He says that it’s Anton’s fault. His plan backfired.

The HM are doing the shopping. Alex wants hair extensions. They cost £30. That’s really stupid. That’s 30% of the budget. They are total idiots. They need an adult to actually do the shopping. They’ve obviously never bought stuff on a budget or lived with little money. I think the HM get staples of rice and chick peas or lentils.

Anton is reading the shopping out.

Aaron and Faye come to the diary room. They are boyfriend and girlfriend.

Tom, Alex, and Lou are hungry in bed. They get some plain toast from Jem.

Jay comes to have a whinge in the diary room about Aaron. Jay says that he hopes that either Aaron or Anton leaves on Friday so that the war will stop. If Anton leaves, he knows that he can bring Jay under his heel and make peace with Aaron.

The shopping is delivered. The HM scramble. It looks like they still have plenty of Frosted Flakes.

Jay, Aden, and Harry are talking about the divide. Jay says that if Anton or Aaron go into the diary room, it might be healed. It’s making the house miserable.

Anton is still stewing in bed.

Aden starts talking to the HM. Anton isn’t there. The HM barely listened. Jay tells him that he said it to the wrong people. Aaron tells Harry that Aden is the one that was involved in most of the drama. Harry was in the bath.

Anton wants an apology. He’s not getting one.

Faye is talking to Jem about her relationship with Aaron.

Tom and Alex stage a treasure hunt. The HM have fun. Tom and Alex get the Macarena in the diary room.

Aaron digs himself into a hole with Faye. While Jem is buttering up her bum, Aaron tries to be endearing.

Lou is cutting Jay’s hair. It’s looking pretty bad. He tells Lou that he’d rather have it shaved off. She gives him a mohawk.

Tom and Alex have been dancing to the Macarena for 2 hours.

Aaron and Harry are talking gameplay. Harry says that it took him a while to figure out what he had done. Aaron says that he does really like Faye. Harry says that he knows that, and that’s what worrying him.

* * * * *

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