Big Brother UK S12E03 (Channel 5)

The HM get up on Day 2. Faye and Maisy see that Aaron is naked in the shower. Faye laughs and Maisy goes to brush her teeth to take a closer look. Maisy and Tashie go into the shower as well. Faye is also in a bikini. Some of the boys are pretty happy about this.

Mark and Jay are in the shower naked. None of them are shy. Tashie is a bit ignorant. She’s talking with Aaron. Tashie says that she was bullied by boys and got a nose job. Really? Her nose is quite big. It’s endearing.

Aaron and Louise are talking about the HM and Pamela. Pamela comes out of her private room. Anton, Louise, and Maisy are talking about the HM. Anton says that he likes Maisy and Louise.

Pamela is doing the washing up. BB delivers the HM suitcases. Jay brought in some whigs.

Anton says in the diary room. He says that he’s got the hots for Maisy and Louise.

BB calls Pamela to the diary room. She has to speed date all of the HM in the sauna. Jay gives her a necklace. Louise keeps wearing her strange hats. It’s not very flattering.

She gave me the look like I was a bell end.

Pamela chooses Aden as her favorite date. He gets a golden speedo. Tashie asks Pamela why she chose Aden. She replies that they had a really good conversation. Tashie seemed surprised. Aden gets a golden swimsuit. Aden guesses correctly that the swimsuit confers him immunity from nomination.

Heaven tells Maisy that it takes women a lot longer to bond than men. Men immediately click, while the women take longer to trust.

Meanwhile, Anton, Harry, and Aaron are talking about Heaven’s ludicrous statements. Anton says that there are a lot of stupid people in the house. Anton says that some people are stupid but some people are playing stupid. It’s easy to see through the lies.

-Peru’s a country.
-And the capital of Portugal.
-No, that’s Lisbon.
Mark and Tashie

Louise is in the diary room. She misses her family. She says that all of the people are bonkers in the house. She doesn’t know what she would do if Rebeckah wasn’t here.

Anton, Harry, and Maisy are talking about how far they would go in the BBUK house.

BB calls Pamela to the diary room. She’s got to answer questions about the HM to win some treats. Pam has got a good memory. She gets all of the answers correct.

The HM are enjoying the Chinese takeaway. Pamela shuts Anton down, who wanted to cuddle her in bed.

Rebeckah joins KJay, Mark and Anton in the sauna. Aden is there too.

Harry, Pamela, and Aaron are cleaning up. They talk about Playboy and Heff.

Fox burgers and deer milkshakes.

He fancies you so badly.
Heaven to Maisy about Aden

Tashie says that she loves quotes. Anton says that he’s got a lot of them too.

In a world filled with deceipt, telling the truth is a revolutionary act.
Anton paraphrasing George Orwell’s 1984

Jay says that he slept with 1000 women or more. Rebeckah is amazed. He’s younger than her.

* * * * *

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