Big Brother UK S12E55 (Channel 5)

Jem has been tossing and turning all night. She’s supposed to finally leave the BBUK house. Good riddance!

Harry is annoyed by the whole rigamarole. Lou wants her to stay.

Late last night, Aaron and Faye had another argument. They are ridiculous. She told him not to speak to her again. It was because he threw her knickers around.

Harry, Tom, and Jay are talking about Jem. Jay says that Jem needs to sort herself out. It’s messing with the HM’s heads. Jem is told that if she leaves, Faye, Harry and Jay will be nominated.

Jem is trying to hint to Faye what is going to happening. She gets annoyed, throws her plate on the floor, and goes away. She told Faye that she was being forced to stay by BB. It’s boring. Get lost Jem. She’s also very trashy. She dresses really badly. Jem gets 15 minute to pack. I also don’t like how she pronounces the Gs at the end of words that finish with ‘ing’.

Jem tells Aaron to look after Faye and make her feel better. Aaron says that Faye told him not to speak to her again. The HM are told that Harry, Jay and Faye are nominated in Jem’s place. Jem finally leaves.

All of the HM are talking about Jem’s departure. Faye wants to talk with Aaron, but she feels awkward.

Tom and Alex have been amusing themselves all day. Faye is in the diary room. She says that she feels disgusted. She misses Jem. She also feels horrible at being nominated. She expects to leave tho week.

To lift the mood, BB sets the HM a task. They must swallow a shot of cinnamon without spitting and drinking water. If they are successful, they win a rave party.

Oh God, I already feel like I’m going to shit myself.

It smells like Christmas.

Alex starts to cry. Faye coughs it up. Then she barfs. Tom is laughing as is Jay, Aaron and Harry. Tom spits it out. He barfs. Lou starts spitting it out.

You look like you’ve been snorting shit.

Aaron, Harry and Jay pass the task and win the party.

HM are gearing up for the rave. Then they head to the pool.

The HM are in bed. Faye is in the bathroom. Aaron goes looking for her and they hug.

* * * * *

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