Big Brother UK S12E50 (Channel 5)

There must have not much going on in the BBUK house because most of the daily show is a recap of the week. That’s kind of annoying.

BB told Tom to make Harry angry to win his girlfriend’s letter. He puts paint all over the t-shirt that Harry made to celebrate his girlfriend’s birthday.

Jem warns Faye off Aaron. She tells Aaron that she wants to stop fooling around and start seeing each other seriously on the outside. She’s kind of breaking up with him.

Meanwhile, Tom isn’t succeeding in making Harry angry enough. He pleads for him to shout at him. It makes Harry more sad than anything else. He gets 52% of Harry’s letter.

Later, Faye backtracks with Aaron. She tells him that she fancies him. Then, she says she really likes him. She kind of implies that she loves him.

Faye is trying to get Aaron’s attention. He’s kind of being rude and ignoring her. She goes off in a huff. Aaron comes looking for her a few moments later.

Harry is reflecting on being saved first. Aaron is shocked that Jem was saved in second place. Anton told Aaron that Jem was having a go at him with Faye, telling her to stay away from Aaron.

Jay and Lou are hanging out in bed. Faye and Jem are talking. Faye thinks that she’s going to get nominated because she’s associated with Aaron. That’s not true. They think that Faye is a drama queen, that’s why she’s getting nominated. Last week, she didn’t get nominated.

Harry tells Aaron that the age difference between him and Faye could be an issue because of maturity.

Jem has a word with Aaron. Aaron says that she’s been slagging him off, so he’s not interested in hearing anything from her. She burnt her bridges.

Tom is messing about with Alex. Faye confronts Aaron in the bathroom. He doesn’t want to sit down with Jem. She wants him to stop being aggressive. They argue some more then chill in the garden.

Lou and Jay are in the diary room. They fool around in the corridor. They get busy in bed. It looks like their are having sex.

Alex is complaining about the Aaron/Faye drama. It’s a roller coaster.

* * * * *

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