Big Brother UK S12E34 (Channel 5)

Tonight, Maisy gets evicted and Jemma, Faye’s sister, will come in. Yesterday, Jay erected a boudoir for him and Lou.

Jay trumps. It makes Lou laugh. He mentions that one time he farted so badly that he put a hole in his boxers.

Lou tells Anton that she can’t talk to Jay. She doesn’t want to snog him in here anymore. She says that she isn’t going to get into the boudoir again.

Aden and Tom are doing the dishes in the bathtub. Aaron and Harry are in the sauna talking about Anton.

The arrogance is what annoys me.
Harry on Anton

Anton is in the diary room. He doesn’t like Aaron. He plans on nominating Aaron. He wants him to go.

Tom and Aaron are talking about Christmas.

Anton, Lou, and Jay are talking about Aaron. Anton and Jay think that Aaron is a dickhead. He barely speaks to them anymore. Lou says that Aaron is very nice to her.

Having had only bananas for breakfast, Jay is getting peeved. Alex imitates him funnily.

Faye and Aaron are talking about their relationship. Maisy comes in and lies on their bums.

Lou is in the diary room talking about Jay. She’s unsure about Jay because there is no connection. She says that what they did yesterday in the den looked dodgy. She says that she won’t be doing any more funny business and she wants her own bed. She wanted it last night. She just wants to be mates with Jay.

Alex tells Lou that she wants to keep in touch with her for realz.

Aaron and Jay have hardly spoken for two days. They are sitting outside in the garden. Aaron says that he can’t be bothered with it anymore. He won’t have anymore fake chats. Aaron just leaves after a few minutes.

Aaron, Tom, and Harry are talking about Jay. They think that he’s immature.

It’s eviction time. Maisy gets unceremoniously evicted to a load of boos. When she leaves, Faye starts to cry.

HM have been gathered again. Jemma gets into the BBUK house. She’s Faye’s sister. Aaron is keeping his distance.

Harry tells Aaron that he is a bit annoyed. Aaron says that he’s in an all-out war with Jay. Harry says that he should just keep his cool and let Jay shoot himself in the foot.

Jemma isn’t impressed with Faye’s smoking habits. Jemma nags Faye.

Tom and Alex are in the diary room.

Faye is sneaking around trying to smoke. Jem is immediately in Faye’s face about it. She leaves. Then, Faye kisses Aaron.

Faye tells BB that she argues a lot with Jem.

Aaron talks with Aden about the way he acts with Jay. He’s perceived as Jay’s henchman. Jay comes by eating a banana.

Jay and Lou are talking about Jem and Maisy. They both feel like Maisy was never here. Faye is in the kitchen. Jem is in the diary room. She was surprised that Faye was happy to see her.

* * * * *

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