Big Brother UK S12E10 (Channel 5)

Last night, Aaron and Tom slept in the same night.

There’s chicken and then there’s chicken, and that was proper chicken.

Louise now thinks that Aaron is bi-curious or gay. Louise tells Anton that she trumps and Anton snores. Alex is explaining her favorite bands to Aaron. He’s got no idea what she’s talking about. Harry corrects Dim Alex’s grammar.

Jay and Faye are talking about the upcoming eviction. Aaron is getting to know Dim Alex. She always wanted to be an air hostess.

Louise comes to the diary room to talk about Dim Alex. She feels bad for thinking badly of her. Aaron is having a bit of quiet time, missing his son in the bedroom.

The HM have decided to do an impromptu wedding ceremony. Mark shows off his testes to Dim Alex. Boring.

It’s been a few hours and Aaron has been called to the diary room. BB gives him a photo of his son.

Aaron tells Faye that he’s a shy person. That’s why he hasn’t talked to her. She says that if she stays, she’d like to get to know her better.

It’s eviction night. Tashie is getting evicted. Faye is already crying. Rebeckah starts to cry. Tom is also tearing up. It’S funny. Tashie gets evicted. The girls scream at her not to cry. ‘Get a tissue!’, ‘It doesn’t matter!’ are also heard.

Tashie got a harsh reception. Lots of boos. Perfect. Rebeckah starts accusing Harry of taking Big Brother away from Tashie. What a bitch! Then she apologizes. Still a bitch. Faye is still crying. Mark tries to make Rebeckah feel better. Whatever.

The boys are talking about why Tashie got evicted. Heaven joins in. Anton says that if he was a girl on the outside, Tashie would annoy him.

The HM get some booze and music. BB is being a bit nice to the HM. BB needs to be rougher. Aden does a rap about Tashie. Bad.

Mark is talking to Rebeckah. He tells her that she shouldn’t be horrible to Aden. He tells her that Aden is young and she is leading him on. She shouldn’t. There’s two sides to Rebeckah. One of them is horrible and one of them is nice.

Faye is opening up her feelings to Aaron. She says that she felt that he was attractive. She makes him sit down and they talk about their feelings.

Louise shows Mark her party tricks. She’s got a Donald Duck voice as well. Faye also tells her that she likes him. Aaron says that he likes her as well. She says something like ‘I’m going to fall in love with you.’ Aaron replies that he’ll give it a go.

HM have been partying for the last 4h. Faye and Maisy hide a mattress in the closet. Anton and Jay take a mattress out into the garden. Harry is also getting involved.

BB calls Jay to the diary room. A bed is also broken. Jay’s bed is in the pool now. BB tells Jay to calm down the HM otherwise there will be consequences.

* * * * *

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