Big Brother UK S12E40-41 (Channel 5)

So it’s not a double eviction, just a plain eviction. Faye actually gets cheers. Aaron gets some boos. Aden and Anton get the most boos. Jay also gets some cheers.

Anton tells Lou and Alex how powerful his Wolfpack his. They could control the house if both Aaron and Faye got evicted tonight.

HM are playing Reveal the Meal. Aden is the one playing. He quickly crosses off the worst meals by chance. They get pizza and beer. BB tried to bribe Aden with a call from Rebeckah. He declined.

Aden is getting a haircut by Lou. That was a bad idea. She was really shit at it. The HM get some pizza and beer.

That fucken beer is disco.

Aden comes to whine about his hair. He should have known.

The back literally looks like I was stabbed in the head.

Aaron is being weird with Faye. He didn’t like her burping in his ear earlier. He’s being an idiot. Faye tells him that they should be friends in the house. They have a bit of argument. All this about a burp.

He tries to fix his hair. Then he tells his pals that he will smash down a door to leave.

Eviction S12E41

Brian talks with the house. Anton gets major boos. They hate him. Faye and Jay get cheers. Jay gets the most. Aaron is the first safe HM. He even beat Jay. That’s pretty impressive.

The next safe HM is Faye. That was pretty interesting. It’s between a Wolfpack member. Jem starts to cry, almost hysterically. Jem thought that Faye was going.

Jay is the next safe HM. Aden is evicted. Serves him right, the arrogant bastard. I was sure that Anton was leaving. That’s cool because it will create more drama in the house.

Anton is having a little cry in the diary room. He says that after hearing the boos, he should change his attitude.

The HM get Aden’s message.

Rebeckah comes out and kisses Aden. Then, he asks her to be his girlfriend.

* * * * *

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