Big Brother UK S12E59 (Channel 5)

Aaron and Faye have a morning snuggle in the kitchen. Meanwhile, Jay and Lou are trumping.

Aaron comes to the diary room. He says that the house has paired off. Aaron can’t fathom their inane conversations. They are like children. Jay and Lou are in love. He’s also getting along well with Faye.

Tom and Alex are in the sauna.

Jay and Lou are talking about star signs and horoscopes. She doesn’t believe in them, but Jay does.

Aaron, Alex and Tom are talking about the state of the house. It’s filthy. Jay is in the sauna. He sets himself a task to stay in the sauna for 90 minutes. Then he plunges into the pool.

The boys come to the diary room. The girls are in the bedroom. Lou tells the girls that Jay was so drunk last night that he got into bed naked. He wouldn’t get dressed. Last night Jay told Aaron that he won’t be nominating this week. Aaron tells Faye that he will nominate.

BB calls Tom to the diary room. He has to make all of the HM clean for an hour. He mustn’t life a finger. He will receive a prize. It’s a secret task. Tom actually makes a bit of a mess for the HM to clean up.

You wash that floor you filthy, filthy, filthy little girl.
Tom to Alex

Aaron figured out that Tom wasn’t doing anything and says so. He ruins the prize for Tom. Tom has a little hissy fit.

For today’s task, HM have become chipmunks. They will have to belt out tunes. The other HM have to guess which tune they are singing. Tom goes first. Aaron guesses the song immediately. Alex is next. She’s funny. Faye’s voice isn’t bad. Jay is also funny. Faye cringes when it’s Aaron’s turn. They win a party.

They choose R&B classics and Indian takeaway. Aaron doesn’t like R&B. Aaron is like a child. He’s always in a huff when things don’t go his way.

BB has provided the HM with top of the line relax wear. Aaron decides to stay in bed. He’s a real little bitch sometimes. Faye tries to get Aaron out, but he says that he’s too tired.

Jay and Lou talk. Jay says that he is always watching her. She says that she does as well.

The girls have been dancing for the last 2.5 hours. Aaron has been in bed for the same time. Some tune starts and Aaron goes to the toilet to dance. I can understand how he feels about R&B. I feel that way about pop music. I rarely listen to any pop and I find it annoying.

Tom asks Aaron to come out and play. Aaron says no.

Faye is talking to Aaron. She doesn’t like how he behaves during the day with her. I agree that he’s being quite silly. She gets up and sits on the bridge over the pool.

* * * * *

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