Big Brother UK S12E14 (Channel 5)

For this week’s shopping task, HM will win a luxury budget if they simply answer yes to whatever BB asks of them. They’ve only got a few no answers that they can give to BB. Mark is called to the diary room. He has to be nude for the duration of this task. He gets some fig leaf underpants.

I feel like a right bell end.

There are some cupcakes on the coffee table. Alex wants to have one. Anton guesses which one she wants. The hot water has been off for 3 days. While Rebeckah is showers, Aden is creepily in the same room. He’s a knob.

BB says that the HM have been punished enough for breaking the fittings. However, they broke some more rules. Anton, Harry, and Heaven talked about nominations. BB reads out the conversation. Hot water and hair appliances will stay off. Rebeckah walks away in a huff. Anton wants to know why she is being like this. She’s annoyed with him.

Dim Alex is called to the diary room. She is asked if she wants a spray tan. After she walks out, she is called into the diary room again. BB asks her if she wants another one. She gets another one. She’s going to get really black. Dim Alex is called once again to the diary room. She gets another one.

Dim Alex is called again to the diary room. She gets another done. I wonder how many she’ll end up getting. Dim Alex is getting annoyed.

I look like an Oompa loompa.
Dim Alex

It’s like she jumped in a pool of shit.

Dim Alex is invading her cupcake that she isn’t eating. She finally has hers. They are all having their cupcakes. Maisy is called to the diary room. She has to wear a shock suit. Only after unwrapping it does she realize how much of an idiot she looks like. She gets a shock.

Anton is asked if she wants to give Maisy a shock. he says yes and she gets shocked. She’s squirming on the ground. And again.

Rebeckah is tanning Tom in the toilet. They are talking about Aden.

Someone ate part of Aaron’s cupcake. He wanted to freeze it for his boy or something like that. He goes for a smoke. It’s either Maisy or Heaven or something like that. Aaron goes for a smoke. Maisy confesses to Aaron that she ate part of his cupcake. She says that she’s sorry.

Anton is called to the diary room. He gets a shock suit as well. Maisy is asked if she wants to shock Anton. She says yes. He gets another one.

He actually got a semi of it.

For Harry’s task, BB has set up a gay model shoot. Harry has to pose for the shoot in his underpants for a gay magazine. He says no.

Rebeckah is called to the diary room. Aden tells Jay that he necked and French kissed Rebeckah. Rebeckah has to choose a HM to pack up their suitcase and lose all of their clothes for the duration of the task. She chooses Mark.

BB tells the HM that he must pack his suitcase immediately. Rebeckah is happy with herself. She laughs at Mark in the diary room. Why is she so happy about it? She’s a real bitch. She tells him that she had to choose somebody to leave tonight. What a lying bitch! Then she tells him that he just lost his clothes. She wanted to carry on all night. She laughs it off. It definitely shows her ugly character, this schadenfreude.

Heaven has gathered the HM for a group love-in. Heaven makes a big deal out of it and all about herself. It starts to rain and the HM leave. Faye talks with Heaven a bit later.

Aaron and Louise are called to the diary room. BB asks him if he wants to have a one-night stand with Louise tonight. The must stand back to back in the smoking area until BB is satisfied. They accepted the offer thinking they would be having sex and ended up standing in the garden for the whole night.

Dim Alex is whingeing about her Oompa Loompa look.

This is shit-stained.
Dim Alex

Aaron tells Louise that Anton is rubbing him the wrong way.

* * * * *

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