Big Brother UK S12E45 (Channel 5)

It’s nominations day, and I think I know who will be up. Anton and the usual suspects. However, Faye hasn’t been acting up, so the noms could be all over the place.

The nominated HM will leave the house tonight. They will leave through the backdoor.

Aaron tells the HM that he heard that the BBUK house was built upon a burial site. Both Faye and Jem say that this can’t be true because they don’t feel any bad vibes.

BB has provided the HM with some basic rations because they have run out of food. Jay is begging for food again in the diary room.

I’d rather go out with a butcher than a footballer.

Aaron and Harry are talking in the sauna. Everyone is worried about the nominations. Aaron think that he will get nominated again, because Lou will vote along the same lines as Jay and Anton.


Aaron Anton Jay “He’s the house villain.”
Alex Anton Aaron “He speculates and he’s cracking up.”
Anton Jem Alex “She acts innocent.”
Faye Anton Jay “Conversation is a bit forced.”
Harry Anton Jay “He’s making it tense.”
Jay Jem Tom “She’s been eating more than me.”
Jem Anton Jay “He’s losing his mind.”
Lou Faye Harry “He’s fibbing.”
Tom Anton Lou “He went a bid mad.”

Lou thinks that she will be nominated. Aaron says that he will be nominated with Anton, Harry and Jay.

Jay goes to the bathroom with the door open to gross out Harry and Faye.

Holy crap, Aaron isn’t nominated this week. Anton and Jay will face the public vote. Aaron and Harry only got one vote. That’s amazing. This was somewhat unpredictable. I’m glad that neither Faye or Aaron will leave the house in the BB twist.

Alex is giving Tom a pretend haircut.

Jay and Anton have come to the diary room to beg for food again. Jay says that he will chop a finger off for food. That’s disturbing. I’m not sure that he’s joking. Jay says that he’s hallucinating. They are just joking.

I’d rather die than eat another bowl of Frosties.

Aaron proposes a speaking-ban until they get some food. Jay likes the idea, but I don’t think they’ll last long. Faye and Jem break the ban in the garden, seconds after it started. Faye thinks that she will be nominated.

Aaron is in the diary room. He talks, but BB doesn’t respond. Lou and Tom break the ban an hour later. Jay is trying some acrobatics around the house.

BB gathers the HM to inform the HM about the noms. Anton and Jay will face the public vote. Anton and Jay have to pack their suitcases and bring them back in 10 minutes. They are leaving. The HM think that one of them is getting evicted. Then, some of them start disagreeing. Lou is starting to freak out.

Anton and Jay are called to the diary room. They are shocked to hear that they will be leaving the BBUK house. They will go into a crypt and act like ghosts. As a reward, they will get to change this week’s nominations.

The crypt is hidden at the bottom of the garden. They must keep quiet. They get some food. Jay is happy. Lou is confused. Jay and Anton are watching the HM on a monitor. They watch Harry and Aaron talk.

The bedroom is filled with doubt. Harry says that Jay and Anton haven’t gone.

Aaron comes to the diary room to ask for some clarifications. BB is obtuse, but BB is saying a lot. He says that they have left the house but haven’t been evicted.

Lou comes to the diary room. She cries a bit.

* * * * *

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