Big Brother UK S12E70 (Channel 5)

Now, who’s going to get the boot tonight? It’s a live eviction show before the finale tomorrow. Who will go? Either Tom or Louise.

Alex is cuddling with Tom in the bathroom. He tells her that she needs some deo. Jay is in the diary room talking about Aaron again.

Jay is lying on Lou’s lap. He tells her that he has never done the washing up. Lou hasn’t been in the shower for the last few days. She’s a bit filthy.

-I know I’m a dirty scruff.
-I’m not a sweaty person, so I don’t need to shower every day.

BB recaps what she has told BB in the diary room. She’s a bit of a filth bag.

For today’s task, HM must give a 5 minute speech on why they should be crowned the HM’s HM. Alex is total shit at it but she wins.

Alex is trying to open a bottle of champagne. She’s never opened one. Her antics make Lou very nervous. The finally open it. Alex tried to put it the cork in her mouth to wedge it out.

BB tells the HM that the garden is out of bounds. The HM realize that there is an eviction is happening. BB Bit on the Side are setting up in the garden and the HM will take part of the show.

When the BB music starts, Aaron thinks that it’s a windup. Aaron realizes that BB Bit on the Side are in the garden. Aaron’s friend Richard says that Aaron is playing a game. Nikki asks Tom who the better kisser is. He says Alex. The HM are told that the public has been voting all week for the winner. Only 4 HM will make it through to the final. They are told that another HM will get evicted tomorrow in a live eviction show. Aaron thinks that it’s between him and Lou.

Eviction Interview

Aaron gets massive boos. Holy crap. Alex gets the most cheers. Jay gets a mixed bag, Lou gets more boos, and Tom also gets some boos. The crowd starts chanting ‘get Aaron out’.

The loved ones are being interviewed. Aaron’s brother gets some massive boos.

Brian talks with the BBUK house. Aaron gets all boos. The other HM get a mixed bag of reactions. Tom is evicted. Alex starts bawling. WTF you dim Geordie, he didn’t die.

The odds have changed. Jay has 5-1, Aaron has 5-2, Alex has 4-7, and Lou 25-1. Tom says that having a romantic relationship with Alex would ruin their friendship, so he doesn’t think it’s worth it.

* * * * *

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