Celebrity Big Brother UK S08E17 (Channel 5)

The HM are waking up with hangovers. Lucien is still in Amy’s bed. Some of the HM are teasing Amy about Lucien. Amy says that she didn’t kiss him and there was no fooling around. It looked like they were making out.

Mumbles is in the diary room telling BB that he does like Amy. Kerry comes to the diary room to tell her version.

For today’s task, the HM have become bandmates. Paddy, Darryn, Bobby and John are in the boy band. Lucien, Edward, Amy and Kerry are in the girl band. The band who’s performance receives the most views will receive a super special surprise.

Darryn is really bad at singing. Edward is pretty funny dressed up as a girl. The boys do their practice in the task room. Then they practice their choreography. I wonder why only Darryn is singing badly for the boys. The others aren’t really doing much. After, it’s time for the girls’ turn.

*Take This* have been rehearsing for 4 hours. OMG, Darryn looks so ridiculous with his fake abs. WTF. He looks like a total freak. Fatties shouldn’t have abs like that. They record their performance.

Now, it’s *Kela*’s turn. The girls are much better. Kerry can sing. For some reason, Amy raps. Kerry was in *Atomic Kitten* for 2 years. Never heard of this girl band before, then again I don’t listen to radio or watch MTV.

Both bands are given extra props for additional shots.

Who wees all over the seat?

It’s Jedward. They pee all over the place when they are tired.

Amy and Lucien talk. Lucien says that he told Darryn that they snogged.

You can cut the sexual tension with a knife.
Bobby and Kerry

If they call us pissy pants just ignore them.

Jedward are eating a frozen banana. They’ve been eating a lot all day.

Amy comes to the diary room. She says that she doesn’t fancy Mumbles. HM have been teasing Mumbles about Amy for the last hour. Darryn and Bobby are trying to give him some hints. Darryn says that Amy is afraid that Lucien is a mad shagger.

All right, BB is coming back right after Celebrity BB.

The HM are enjoying a 90s themed party. Amy and Lucien are doing some dirty dancing. Kerry asks them if they want to date. Amy is trying to avoid the question. Amy wants to talk about this when she gets out.

Meanwhile, Jedward are ironing their shirts with a hair straightener. Then, they do their underwear.

Bobby tells Kerry that it’s fun watching it turn out between Amy and Lucy.

* * * * *

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