Celebrity Big Brother UK S08E18 (Channel 5)

Darryn is up at 6:33AM and starts cleaning.

Darryn, Paddy, and Kerry are talking about Lucien. They like him. He’s very respectful and mature. He’s actually younger than Jedward. They think that he’s also very sensitive. Paddy and Darryn think that he’s playing a game with Amy. Kerry disagrees.

Kerry talks about her two-timing mom, who sold a story to News of the World behind her back. She didn’t talk to her for 2 years. Now, she’s in a good place.

The HM start cleaning up some more. Amy has been doing her hair for a long time. Paddy whinges about this in the diary room. It takes her 3 hours to get ready in the morning.

Lucien is opening up to Kerry about Amy. It’s obvious that there is chemistry between them, but Mumbles is somewhat self-conscious. Mumbles says that he doesn’t want to be shot down on TV.

Amy makes Lucien a cup of tea. She doesn’t want to go outside because she’ll ruin her hair. She does pop out, but only for a minute.

Amy and Darryn are talking about Bobby. He doesn’t think about others. He’s selfish. He drank 6 bottles yesterday. Amy says that there is something about him that bugs her.

Today, the HM are dressed up again as bandmates. They have to freeze for as long as possible to boost their viewing totals by 10%. Paddy is out first. Bobby is out next. He took a look at Paddy. Kerry is next out. She flinched. Amy is next. She giggled at Paddy. She pretended to beat him up a bit. This made Darryn smile. It’s between Jedward and Lucien. John starts drooling. Edward relaxes his pose and he is out after 17 minutes.

It was exhausting just watching.

48 minutes later, they are still at it. Amy was annoyed that Edward was supporting his brother instead of his team. 1:06 minutes later, they are still at it. John is drooling all over the place.

The other HM go inside the house to have their lunch. Lucien tells John that he can go all night. 1:20 in.

1:46 in, Lucien looks around and he is out. John wins.

Paddy is admiring Amy’s bum.

How long will they last?
Paddy about Amy’s fake tits

Bobby, Kerry, and John are talking about relationships. Amy and Lucien are lying in bed. Lucien tells Paddy that he’s tired of playing games. Amy is playing games. Kerry tells Lucien that he should wait until he’s on the outside to get with her. Paddy still thinks that she’s a player.

The HM screen their videos. The boys are pretty funny. The whipped cream is especially funny.

My head physically hurts from laughing.

The girls’ vid is also pretty funny, but the main difference is that Kerry can actually sing. The boys win. *Take This* get champagne and goody bags. The girls get to pretend that they are groupies and have to sleep outside.

The HM are bedding down. The girls are outside.

* * * * *

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