Big Brother UK S12E15 (Channel 5)

Tom is called to the diary room. Yesterday, Jay had to eat a lot of chicken. So much that he felt sick. Tom gets a haircut. When asked if he wants it shorter, Tom says no.

Faye will be asked if she wants a tattoo. BB asks her and tells her that it’s permanent but it won’t. She says yes. Wow, I’m impressed. The tattoo artist puts the stencil on. Faye says no.

Rebeckah is opening up about her relationship with Aden to Harry, Aaron, and Mark. Aaron says that Aden is proper smitten. She says that she doesn’t want it to progress. It should stay the way it is. She leaves. Aaron says that Rebeckah is trapped. Mark agrees. Then he says that it ruined her BB experience.

Dim Alex says that she never changed her sheets. She went for 7 months without changing them. Aden is called to the diary room. He has to keep his distance from Rebeckah at all times until the end of the task. He can’t tell her or anyone else.

Rebeckah thinks it’s funny. Heaven is asked to do a bungie jump. She says yes. As soon as she is brought up, about 160ft, she starts to hyperventilate. She does finally jump.

Aaron is massaging Rebeckah’s feet right in front of Aden. He gets annoyed, mainly at Rebeckah.

BB asks the HM if they want to see the noms. Most of them say no. They get to open the safe. The amount of times that they could say no was 5. They pass the task. They get some booze.

Heaven, Tom, and Rebeckah are putting a pole to good use.

Aden is getting to know Maisy. He’s awkward and idiotic. He’s trying to make Rebeckah feel bad. He says something about her face. She tells him that he’s out of order. He tries to force a cuddle. She doesn’t want to. Aden actually makes her cry. All of them leave Aden by himself. Rebeckah comes out and says that Maisy fancies him a little bit.

Jay and Harry have switched. It’s funny. Aden is trying to apologize to Maisy. He starts to cry. It’s boring. He gets a cuddle.

Some of the HM are messing about in the bedroom. Maisy, Faye, Anton, and Aaron are making some noise and doing some wrestling moves.

Aden is declaring his love to Rebeckah. Tom gets annoyed that his stuff is all over the floor. Aden wants them to relax. Tom was annoyed at Faye.

Faye and Heaven come to the diary room. Tom opens to Dim Alex.

For some reason, Rebeckah finds the argument hilarious. She goes off laughing, followed by her dog Aden. It’s probably because of Heaven. Heaven comes to see Rebeckah and tells her off for making light of the situation. Rebeckah doesn’t give a shit.

All of the HM are in bed. Jay and Maisy are cuddling. Aden goes back to his bed. He says ‘love you’ to Rebeckah. Anton and the others start cringing and making fun of him, including Rebeckah.

* * * * *

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