Big Brother UK S12E38 (Channel 5)

Good beats Evil every time.

Anton’s plan backfired. He got the most nominations and is still going on about them. He now thinks that both Harry and Alex nominated him, which is accurate at least. He has a go at her in the morning. Aaron and Harry are talking about this in the living room with Tom.

Lou tells Alex that Anton is losing it. He’s going off the wall. Aden is no longer ignoring Lou.

Faye and Jem are having a sisterly chat.

Lou comes to the diary room. She says that she was upset about Aden calling her a prick. She feels better. Lou thinks that Anton is going crazy. He’s obsessing, but she can’t express this into words.

For this week’s shopping task, a blizzard has hit the BBUK house. 6 HM go to the large task room. Faye, Jem, Harry, Ads, Aaron and Alex go. They find out that they are stranded in the snow. There are camping supplies. Alex doesn’t like it. Anton, Lou, Tom and Jay will face an individual challenge. They must pass 3 of 4 challenges. Jay does the 1st one. He will rescue Alex. To pass, Jay must ski non-stop for 30 minutes. He will have to estimate the time himself.

Jem asks Aaron if he is into kinky stuff. He says he is, but he naturally isn’t. Jem wonders if he’ll lead her sister astray. Aaron says that it’s probably going to be the other way around.

Jay gets off with a time of 29:50. Alex is staying stranded. That was a bonehead maneuver, prompted by Anton.

Aaron and Faye are talking about their relationship. He says that he’d like to take it into the real world. It makes Faye smile.

Aaron is like a natural dickhead.

Lou tells him that Anton is obsessing about Aaron. He needs to stop. Anton is overbearing and says that she’s right. He’s being an asshole.

Lou has been called to the diary room to face her challenge. She chooses to save Alex. She has to guess the flavor of some yellow snow. One of them is cow piss. She passes her task and frees Alex.

Lou has trouble believing that she ate cow urine. She tries it again, just to make sure.

Tom has to compete in a snowball fight against a yeti. He chooses to save Aden. He succeeds. Aden is free.

Jem says that she dislikes 2 HM. It’s Lou and Aden.
Anton plans to rescue Faye so that he can split up Aaron and Faye. He thinks that his plan is so smart.

Anton has got to climb 1344m on a stairclimber. He chooses to rescue Faye. Faye knew it was coming because he’s an ass.

I hope you fucking fall off, you douchebag!
Faye to Anton

Aaron proposes that they all leave when the door opens for Faye.

3:44 later, Anton has climbed 1045m. He can’t do it anymore, the pussy. The HM have been stranded for 11 hours. Anton gets some music. Anton completes his part of the task.

Faye is told that she’s got 30 seconds to leave. Aaron, Faye, Jem and Harry leave the task room. That spoiled Anton’s plans. They lost the budget. Jay is annoyed. Shit happens.

Jay is whining in the diary room. Aaron comes to the diary room talking about Anton’s task. He’s quite happy because Anton was being an ass.

* * * * *

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