Big Brother UK S12E11 (Channel 5)

So, today is the day that the HM will get punished. Finally. But it looks like they don’t really get the message. Last night, the HM went mad. This morning, BB strikes back. All HM are to gather on the sofas.

All HM will be punished. There won’t be any hot water, no hair dryers, no hair straighteners, and no alcohol. Aaron goes to have a shower. He says that the shower is ice cold. he gets naked and gets clean. As do Mark, Jay, Aden, and Harry.

Aaron’s suitcase was chucked into the pool. It was Mark. All of his clothes are wet. BB doesn’t really sympathize and tells him to get on with washing his clothes.

Mark says that inside the BBUK house, he no longer has any sex drive.

There’s a breakage between me knob and me brain.

Jay, Maisy, Alex, and Tom are talking about education. Faye and Aaron are talking about whom Aaron fancies. He says that Louise is gorgeous, but he implies that he doesn’t fancy her.

The giants and tall people come from Niburu.

OMG, Heaven is spouting nonsense crap, about how there were giants on Earth and that they came from another planet. That the movies Star Wars, Silver Surfer and Fantastic Fours are about real people. Faye, Tom, Dim Alex, and Louise are sleeping. Harry, Aaron, and some of the other HM start laughing.

I just think that hippo is interested in the news.

For today’s task, HM have become chickens. The chicken that stays in its coop the longest will win immunity from this week’s nominations. They must eat a lot of popcorn. Alex immediately pukes and gags. Louise is first out after 1:20. Tom follows 2 min later. Jay was out 1:36.

Heaven pisses herself after 1:50. She makes a big deal out of it. Alex wretches. Before Heaven can piss herself, the HM get a toilet break. In the last hour, Rebeckah, Mark, Alex, and Anton quit. The HM have been cooped up for 3:16.

I still can’t believe that Aden will go 4 straight hours without Rebeckah. He’ll need a hug or a cuddle.

Anton tells Rebeckah that Aden thinks that she is his girl. She’s leading him on. She says that she’d be devastated if she wasn’t as close as she was with Aden. Aaron gives up. It’s been almost 5h. Faye quit about an hour ago.

Aaron tells Tom and Mark that he still likes Louise, even though what he told Faye last night, jokingly.

Anton is on the couch snoring loudly. Louise, Alex, and Faye decide to prank his ass. Rebeckah is sleeping next to him. Mark decides to get involved. Mark puts some shaving cream in his hand. Anton wakes up and chases Louise and Mark. He gets them both. Then, he goes after Alex. He gets her too.

The chickens have been at their task for 6h. He’s pissed. Anton tells Faye to watch her back. He’s going to prank her too. Heaven is about to puke. Anton puts some shaving cream in faye’s back. Louise, Alex, and Faye decide to strike back. Faye goes for Mark while Alex and Louise for Anton. They go a bit too far. Faye and Louise end up covered in foam. Mark showers Alex in shaving foam.

After 7h, Maisy gives up. It’s between Harry and Heaven. They start talking about Rebeckah. They think that she’s a game player. They think that she’s very manipulative. Harry says that having the gold swimsuit helped Rebeckah out, because she might have gone.

The HM spot that Heaven is cheating. She puts loads of popcorn in her mouth and then uses some water, and throws it up in the pail. It’s totally cheating. Heaven gives up. They’ve been at it for 8 hours. Harry gets immunity.

Most of the HM go to bed. Harry is in the diary room. Harry says that Heaven was cheating but it gave him the opportunity to talk to her.

* * * * *

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