Celebrity Big Brother UK S08E10 (C5)

It’s eviction day. Bobby teaches Jedward how to shave. Some of the other HM are still sleeping. Kerry is telling Lucien that she doesn’t want to leave.

Amy tells Jedward and Sally that all of her clothes are sent to her as make-up and cosmetics thanks to her column and how she is.

Sally tells Paddy that she has to meet him outside. Paddy says that his wife and daughter will like to meet her. She should come over and stay the night.

The HM are doing the shopping budget. Darryn has put himself in charge. They’ve got £500. Jedward are annoying Darryn while he’s trying to concentrate. Pamela immediately wants him to order her cigarettes. Lucien, Amy, Kerry, and Tara are complaining about Darryn. It’s because Pamela was hounding him.

Amy is dyeing Darryn’s hair. Jedward are stacking the chairs to make it look like a statue. Pamela is in the diary room whingeing about Darryn.

Everyone is having a snooze except Jedward. They complain and ask to get a task. While Darryn complains that the place is filthy Jedward make more of a mess.

If you value your life, you won’t put it on me.
Darryn to Jedward

Jedward come out with water in a bread bag. They throw it on Darryn. He seems cool with it. Jedward are plotting more mischief. They try and give Paddy a wedgie.

Bobby is sleeping outside and it starting to rain. He doesn’t budge.

Jedward make a mess in the bathroom and then have to clean it up. Amy comes to the diary room. She has to do a task about Shakespeare quotes. She needs to drop these in casual conversation in the next 45 minutes. She starts with Jedward. She forgets the first quote. Bobby is impressed. Darryn is also impressed. She passes the task. She wins pink fizz for this evening.

Bobby, Kerry, and Sally are packing in preparation for tonight’s eviction.

BB calls Pamela to the diary room. She gets a call from her daughter. It’s her birthday. Boring.

Amy tells Darryn that Sally will go.

The HM are gathered for tonight’s eviction. Sally is evicted. Sally gave her cigarettes to Lucien. He’s been getting them from Pamela. She makes a big deal out of it. It looks uncomfortable.

Earlier, Tara complained about how uncomfortable Pamela makes everyone. Tara and Kerry are talking about Pamela.

In the bedroom, the HM are talking about the eviction. Pamela is now making a big deal about the beds. She wants to switch for some inane reason. She’s driving everyone bonkers.

Lucien explains Darryn’s humor to Tara. They both likes the twins. Tara isn’t convinced about Darryn’s niceness.

Pamela is back in the diary room whingeing about Darryn.

* * * * *

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