Big Brother UK S12E02 (Channel 5)

It’s day 1 and the HM enter the house. Tom and Mark compare nipples. All of the boys noticed Faye, who was looking smoking hot. Even more of the HM are stunned when they see Louise. Her outfit was terrible.

Tashie asks Rebeckah if her tits are real. She says yes. HM are unaware that they are about to meet Pamela Anderson, who’s been hiding in the backyard, which was turned into a beach. She’ll be here for 3 days and set the HM some challenges. She’ll award each winner with a golden swimsuit. Each swimsuit makes the wearer immune to nominations.

I’m thinking about all of the stuff that I did to her in my head.

How old is she, about 60?
Aaron about Pamela

Pamela gets to retrieve some VIP bracelets. She’s got to select 5 VIPs. She chooses Heaven, Tashie, Faye, Tom, and Louise. The selected HM have to compete to make Pamela laugh. The winner gets a special prize. BB has contracted a bouncer to watch the VIP area. Faye shows off her muscles to Tashie. The other HM are a bit pissed off. The VIP HM are dancing. I like how Faye and Tashie are moving about. They look good.

Aaron and Rebeckah are bitching about Pamela. Jay shows off his tattoos. He’s got a lot and he’s got WY on his knob. Jay admits that he can’t read or write very well. I like his attitude. He’s totally honest.

Rebeckah tells Anton that she doesn’t like men very much because she doesn’t meet many nice men. He asked her if she’s a lesbian. She says no.

Pamela runs through the shower before getting back inside. The VIP party is over. Pamela chooses Heaven as the most entertaining VIP. Pamela and Heaven go to the diary room. Heaven has to wear the golden swimsuit at all times. She’s told that it has magical powers. Heaven doesn’t know that she’s immune to nominations.

Pamela doesn’t look too bad. Faye, Maisy, and Tashie are having a girl talk. Faye likes geeky guys. She says that Jay reminds her of her mother’s boyfriend, who’s also a Geordie.

Rebeckah and Aaron go to the toilet together. Aaron needs the tap on in order to wee.

A bloke wanted me to wee on him, and I couldn’t, I had to put my hand in hot water…

-Have you ever weed on anybody?
-Not deliberately!
Rebeckah and Aaron

Pamela goes to bed. She’s got a private bedroom. Jay and Tashie are rating the HM. Jay likes Maisy because she was funny. He likes Faye because she was very nice and Rebeckah because she’s got massive tits. Jay tells Tashie that she’s fit. Tashie has got a boyfriend on the outside, who let her go in.

Anton and Aden are rating the girls. Anton likes Faye and Aden likes Maisy. Aden says that he has slept with 49 birds. Anton says that he sept with loads more.

We’re not animals, we’re mammals.

When Anton comes to join Faye and Maisy, they leave for the bedroom. The HM pick beds. Faye and Maisy are caught out, as all of the HM have chosen. They can only share with Jay or Aaron, who picked double beds. Jay has no problems swapping with Heaven and Tashie.

Aden and Jay talk about slang. He tells Jay that he’s an ex-player. Aaron, Harry, Rebeckah, and Alex are in the bedroom talking about work. Rebeckah says that she is a club hostess and teaches dancing for underprivileged children. Rebeckah says that she isn’t an escort. She sits with men in clubs. She doesn’t take off her clothes but she’s paid by the hour. She doesn’t enjoy it. She hopes that BB will allow her to stop being a club hostess and make as much money doing something else.

Jay, Tom, and Mark are in the pool are talking about wanking. Alex is listening in. Maisy and Tashie are in the bedroom. Maisy starts tumbling around. Aden is distracted by her litheness. Harry and Aaron think that Maisy is being totally random. Maisy was doing this in hot pants. Rebeckah says that this was just Maisy seeking attention.

Mark and Rebeckah are in the bath tub. She tells him that she feels like Robin Hood. Aden is drying Tashie’s feet. Faye is listening in. Aden tells Faye and Tashie that they are gorgeous. They like hearing this.

Heaven and Jay are talking about fitness. Ignorant Alex is in the diary room.

* * * * *

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