Big Brother US S12E53 (Channel 5)

It’s nominations day! The BBUK is nervous. There is a twist. Today, the noms will be made on the HM’s behalf by the people closest to them. I don’t know if I like it.

Jem thinks that HM will vote randomly. She’s an idiot. Aaron thinks that Jem is winding people up, so she is going to be nominated.

Harry and Aaron are having a sweat. They are bitching about Jemma. Harry thinks that Jem is trying to piss him off so that he will nominate her. Aaron hasn’t talked with her since last Wednesday.

Aaron reveals that he’s obsessed with LEGOs and has got a room in his house dedicated to LEGO builds.

BB gathers the HM. Aaron says that if they all refuse to nominate, they will all go up.


Aaron’s brother Jem Jay “She treats him badly.”
Alex’ mom Jem Faye “She argues with Jem.”
Faye’s mom Harry Aaron “He will handle it better.”
Harry’s girlfriend Jem Jay “He wasn’t honest.”
Jay’s mom Faye Aaron “He’s got a gameplan.”
Jem’s boyfriend Harry Aaron “I don’t like him.”
Lou’s mom Harry Aaron “He treats Faye badly.”
Tom’s mom Jem Aaron “She’s unhappy.”

So Jem and Aaron are nominated this week. Aaron didn’t expect to be nominated this way, especially by Faye’s mom. Jem is quite annoying. She’s kind of being a total bitch. It looks like Aaron is tearing up. He leaves for a smoke. Jem continues to berate Faye. Aaron is shaking.

Jem, Tom, Alex and Lou are around Faye, telling her that Aaron is an asshole, etc. She goes to have a cry in the toilet.

Aaron comes to see Faye. She’s not talking. He isn’t either. He asks her if she thinks that he is messing her around. She says that he probably has at times. Then she says that she doesn’t know what to say.

Faye is worried that everyone thinks that she’s a dickhead. She sees how Jay is besotted with Lou. Aaron isn’t besotted with her. Jem tells her that Aaron isn’t good enough. She starts to cry. Aaron has taken refuge in the diary room.

Harry is talking with Faye. Harry says that she should do what she wants to do, and put aside the comments from her family. Harry does feel sorry for Aaron.

Jem is happy that Aaron is up. He’s not good for Faye and he doesn’t treat her well.

Aaron has a talk with Faye. They kind of break up. Or sort of.

Later, Aaron comes to the diary room. Now he says that he wants to. He tells Faye, but no one else. Aaron goes out for a smoke and watches a door that he talked about with Harry. Harry mentioned that he would bash it in in order to leave.

Just checked the BBUK feeds, and it looks like Jem walked out of the BBUK house. Good riddance, she was an annoying HM. I wonder what will happen with the nominations. That could mean that Faye is nominated.

* * * * *

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