Big Brother UK S12E20 (Chanel 5)

The shit has hit the fan for Aaron. It’s going to end in tears. The HM get up. Aaron tells Mark that he’s in so much trouble. He says that he kissed Maisy last night.

Anton and Aden are in the diary room gossiping. Anton says that he heard some moaning. He woke Aden up and says that Aaron was hooking up with Maisy on the sly.

Aaron tells Mark in the shower that he can’t tell anybody. Aaron says that Maisy was stroking him under the covers.

Anton spills the beans to Louise.

Aaron comes to the diary room.

I’m not a bed-hopping sex fiend.

BB calls Maisy to the diary room. She’s going to be punished for talking about the noms last night. She must wear a bag. It says that she must not talk about nominations.

Jay, Louise and Faye are talking about last night. Both Louise and Jay know what Aaron has been up to. Harry, Dim Alex, and Tom are there. Jay takes Faye aside and tells her that Aaron and Maisy got it on last night. She suspected something like that. Aaron comes out. Faye is long gone.

Faye and Louise are talking in the bedroom about Aaron. Maisy comes out of the diary room. Maisy tells Faye and Aden that she just got excited that she had a boy in her bed.

For today’s ask, the HM will drink a meal shake. Louise and Dim Alex immediately start retching. Louise spits out more than she drinks.

Mine looks like diarrhea poo.

Aaron gets a knock in the bollocks from Mark. Harry/Tom get theirs. Aden and Anton get theirs too. Louise/Dim Alex get it too, but they get penalized for spitting it out.

Harry, Tom, Aden, and Anton won a delicious meal. Heaven failed the task and volunteered to be the waitress. Anton and Aden tell the others that Maisy already got with Aaron. Tom wonders if Fay is pissed off. Tom says that he likes Aaron. He’s annoyed and a bit upset. He gets a cuddle from Anton.

Faye, Louise, Dim Alex, and Maisy decide to jump into the pool.

Aaron and Maisy’s bedtime action is the talk of the house. Aaron implies that he will get nominated tomorrow.

Tom and Faye compares notes on Aaron. They both are upset. Dim Alex joins in. They think that Aaron is playing a game.

A bit late, Aaron and Maisy talk in the bathroom. Maisy talks with Lou and Faye. She says that she didn’t do anything. She starts to cry.

Aaron comes into the diary room.

Later, Maisy and Aaron talk some more. Mark comes to the diary room.

Aaron and Faye talk. She says that he made her look like a dickhead. He didn’t know that she still fancied him. She starts to piss him off and he says that she’s out of order and leaves. Aaron says that he’s going home tomorrow.

Outside, Faye is getting angry. Tom and Maisy join in.

What a fucking embarrassment of a a grown man.

* * * * *

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