Big Brother UK S12E24-25 (Channel 5)

Most of the HM are feeling a bit rough this morning. Maisy has trouble remembering what happened. Faye says that the only person who really upset her last night was Anton.

Maisy guesses that Faye kissed Aaron. Faye says that she likes Aaron, in a hot geek type of way. Maisy and Faye are having fun in the pool.

Alex is giving Harry a pedicure. BB calls Lou to the diary room. She could win chips and gravy for two tonight if she wins her secret task. She wants to take Jay out. BB gives her a whoopee cushion and get Jay to cover for her at least 3 times. No one can know that she has a whoopee cushion.

He agrees to do it pretty quickly. He immediately covers for her with Ads. Jay covers for her a bit later. Then once again. She passed her task pretty quickly. Lou goes back to the diary room. She passed the task and gets a whoopee cushion costume to explain her task to the HM. Anton is annoyed because they are getting food and he isn’t. No one will ever pick him for a reared.

Mark is having a shower fully clothed.

For some reason, Dim Alex and Tom are putting dirt into the dishes.

You’re a moody old bastard.
Tom to Harry

Anton, Faye, Ads, and Jay are talking about Faye’s kiss. Faye feels embarrassed, but she admits to it. Faye is wondering about Aaron. She asks Maisy if Aaron is playing a game. Maisy says that it is odd. Maisy says that Aaron is genuine, but part of Faye is doubting it.

Aaron and Faye have a chat. Aaron says that he doesn’t want to go. Aaron says that he didn’t tell anyone, but people are just guessing what happened.

Harry says that he can’t take much more of the immaturity. Then, Harry and Tom bond.

Jay and Lou are having dinner. Jay tells Lou that she makes him nervous. They get some slow-dancing music.

Aaron is talking with Faye in bed. Faye says that she feels like a bit of a dick. She doesn’t want to be another string in Aaron’s bow. Aaron sleeps in his bed alone.

Exit Interview S12E25

Brian talks with the BBUK house. Aden gets some boos and Heaven gets massive boos. Aaron is safe. That’s unsurprising. Heaven is evicted. That was also predictable.

Aaron and Aden come to the diary room. Aaron is crying. Aden says thank you to the voting public. Aaron thought that he was gone and that he would get to see his boy.

On her way up the stairs, out of the BBUK house, HEaven falls down the stairs. WTF. She is booed quite a bit. The public hates her. During the interview, the crowd is chanting “you fell over”. Heaven says that she regrets nominating Maisy. There was less than a half percent difference between her and Aden.

While she sees the HM who nominated her, she starts shouting at the screen. She can’t not believe that Anton nominated her. Brian says that Anton is playing a game. He’s totally different in the diary room than in the house.

Brian says that there were a lot of arguments about food and that she rubbed people the wrong way. She also got involved in arguments.

The HM get a message from Heaven. She tells Faye to remain strong.

* * * * *

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