Big Brother UK S12E67 (Channel 5)

Today is Alex’s 19th birthday and tomorrow it’s Tom’s 21st. BB has some surprises for the two HM. They are woken up to the Macarena. It looks like everything is getting to Aaron.

Lou and Jay talk about ladyboys. Jay says that he slept with a trans person. He didn’t know it at the time. He says that his mates slept with ladyboys in Thailand.

Alex and Tom are called to the diary room. They are told they have to dance the Macarena each time they hear the song.

Aaron, Jay, and Lou are called to the diary room. BB tells them that they can use their “money” to buy a gift for the birthday HM. The gifts are very expensive, between £1,500 and £2,000. They all refuse.

Later, Aaron asks them what they’d like. None of them would buy these gifts for themselves. Aaron, Jay and Lou are called back to the diary room. Now the gifts range between £500 and £1,000. Aaron refuses. The others also refuse.

I can get her a tit job in Bulgaria for £500.

After having talked with Tom and Alex, Jay and Lou decide to get Alex and Tom the £500 gifts. Tom gets a watch and Alex gets some shoes. Both Jay and Lou feel ill after leaving the diary room. That’s the most that they’ve spent on a birthday for someone.

In order to get a nice birthday cake, they must finish all of the ingredients. They include sugar, flour, butter, chocolate frosting, and eggs. Instead of chucking the eggs, they break them up and mix them up, like they’re going to make an omelette. Then, they have to eat some flour. Alex pukes. They finish it up by eating the candle.

As soon as they exit the diary room, they have to dance the Macarena. Now, Alex and Tom have to be gift wrapped so that they can’t see the other HM preparing their party. Once they’re all wrapped up, Jay grabs them and puts them on the sofas.

Jay and Lou get their gifts for the birthday HM. It’s go time. Now Aaron feels awkward. Aaron tells Jay that it makes them look bad because they did it for the cameras. Aaron says that they didn’t tell him that they were doing it, but he knew even before both of them went to the diary room.

Jay goes to talk to Lou about Aaron. She knew that Aaron would be like that. Instead of joining in, Aaron paces the room and then goes into the garden. He’s being a right wanker.

Acting like a wanker means that the odds must have changed. I just checked them up, and it looks like Alex is the favorite to win, by a margin of 66-1. Jay follows with 20-1. Aaron has 6-1. Lou has 6-4 and Tom has 8-11.

Lou and Jay talk to Alex and Tom. Lou says that she wasn’t going to tell that Aaron didn’t pay anything, but now that he’s acting like a dick. Tom knew that something was up. Alex’s shoes are Jimmy Choos.

Aaron ostracizes himself from the group during the party. Aaron is just moping. Jay is annoyed. He says that he won’t speak to Aaron for the duration of BB. Now, Jay is getting angry. Aaron does behave like a child, so much that it’s uncanny.

Aaron goes to have a go at Jay and Lou in the diary room. He says that they are trying to buy some votes.

* * * * *

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