Survivor Nicaragua Running the Camp S21E09 (CBS)

Nay says that tribal was hard for Jane. She just took his punches and rolled with it. If it was Nay, she would have punched him back. Chase finds Marty despicable.

Marty is pretty happy with himself. Marty tells Benry and Dan to tell everyone that they are voting for Nay, but in reality, they will vote for Jane. It’s pretty obvious. Nay and Jane notice his shenanigans.

It’s time for a reward challenge. The will be randomly divided into two teams. They need to go through some obstacles to find 3 keys. They need the keys to open 3 locks to raise their flags. The winning team goes up to the canopy to zip line around. After that, they get a Survivor BBQ. Chase is not participating. He chooses to back the girls. The ‘random’ draw ended up divvying the tribe along gender lines, which is surprising. Dan’s the weak link in this. The men have a slight lead midway through. It gets bigger and bigger. The men lose time in the net crawl because of Dan. The women make quick work of it. Jane is slowing down the women. The men are through the brick walls. The men win easily. Marty likes rubbing it in. Purple Kelly is crying because she is hungry. That was a smart move by Chase to back the girls. He’s the only guy that will stay with the girls. None of the men will give up their spots to the girls. This reward will polarize the woman against the men.

Watching Chase join Jane was like watching the movie Dumb & Dumber.

The men –Chase go down some zip lines. Then, they get some food. Marty uses the BBQ to tell them his plan. The guys say that they are happy to comply. Fabio tells Sash that he needs to reassure Brenda that the men want her in the game. Sash still thinks that he is in charge of the tribe with Brenda.

Back at camp, Brenda thinks that Chase’s move was idiotic. She doesn’t think that Chase is smart. They say that they all want Marty out. Chase isn’t sure about Brenda. She’s keeping her distance. He shares his worries with Nay.

Chase and Nay talk to her. She’s very hesitant.

Chase is like a little baby that always is going wah-wah-wah.

She says that Chase is too paranoid.

Chase’s always paranoid. He’s reaching a point where his alliance is sick of him. We might just have to swap you out for someone from the other side because your paranoia is getting to be too much.

Chase dug his own hole.

It’s time for the immunity challenge. Surprisingly, this immunity challenge takes place during the morning. It’s rare that in Survivor that they refer to the time of day. The Survivors will be tested on their memory. They have to repeat a sequence of symbols. Jane and Nay are out. Dan is quickly out. Holly, Purple Kelly, and Sash are out. In the 2nd round, Fabio is quickly out. Chase is out. Benry is out. It’s between Marty and Brenda. Brenda wins immunity. She won that challenge very easily.

Fab and Benry talk. They plan on going through with Marty’s plan and playing stupid while they are eating some tamarind. Marty and Dan tell Chase that they are voting for Nay.

Chase tells Holly that Marty told him that they were voting for Nay, but he believes otherwise. He thinks that they are planning on blindsiding Jane. Wow, that was a dumb plan by Marty. Chase saw right through it. He is voting for Marty. Marty tells Brenda. He tells her that his plan was Sash’s idea. Brenda thinks that it is a smart plan. It’s true that if Jane went to the final she would win.

Sash and Brenda talk. They want to keep Marty around because he tells them all. They don’t want Marty gone. They decide to vote Jane out so that they can flush out Nay’s idol? I couldn’t tell and they didn’t show it, but they implied it.

It’s time for tribal. Alina is there as part of the jury. Marty says that Nay taking the food wasn’t trivial.

I’m a humanitarian, I’m a human, I screw up. Marty screws up too. He don’t like me, so it is what it is.

Nay is talking a lot.

-She is a liar and a cheat and a steal.
-My daddy is Inglewood, CA, and I don’t have nothing to prove to Marty.
-He’s not going to be proud of you sister.
-Oh, he is, because I’m here and you probably won’t be.
Mart and Nay

Is Nay digging her own hole? I don’t know. Nay is talking a lot and getting very defensive. She attacks Fabio and Marty.

You irritate the f*ck out of me too.

Jeff is speechless at Nay’s outbursts. He doesn’t understand why she is still here. This probably means that she will be in the final.

Votes to evict

Dan                        Jane
Brenda                 Marty
Nay                        Marty
Fabio                     Jane
Purple Kelly        Marty
Benry                    Jane
Jane                       Marty
Holly                      Marty
Chase                    Marty
Marty                    Jane
Sash                       Marty

Marty is voted out by a 7-4. Alina looks happy, Fabio is shaking his head.

There weren’t enough people really playing the game.

* * * * *

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71 thoughts on “Survivor Nicaragua Running the Camp S21E09 (CBS)”

  1. I’m sorry to see Marty go. He was the only entertaining one of the bunch. Entertaining as far as game play and comments. Now we’re stuck watching a bunch of yawners. Brenda? yawn. Sash? yawn. Jane? yawn. Nay? not even remotely entertaining, yawn, gasp, yawn. I don’t know who the heck Purple Kelly is and how she got that stupid name. ugh! I usually enjoy Survivor, but this year is really hard to get into with this bunch.

    Did you see Dan riding the zip-line? I had the feeling he wanted to just close his eyes and get it over with. But he wasn’t going to say that on camera. He didn’t seem to like that reward at all, except for the food.

    I am curious to watch next week and find out what happened after seeing the teaser. I’m sure it’s probably something of a let-down after the big build-up on the teaser. My guess is something got into their chickens and ate them. But even if that is the case, why would the tribe members be saying how it looks like Hell and how shocking it is? I’m very curious to see what the heck happened.

    1. I’m curious too. It’s probably not that bad. How bad can it be? Probably the shelter flooded or something like that. Do they still have any chickens? I thought they ate them all.

  2. I saw another preview for this week and it’s a fire in the camp. Maybe when they are off-site for a challenge. But, my question is, if they are not there then why would a camera person stand there and film the footage without intervening? I’m sure they can interfere enough to keep everyone safe and to stop a wild fire from spreading throughout the vicinity. I’ll have to watch and see what’s up with that.

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