Survivor Philippines Hell Hath Frozen Over S25E11 (CBS)

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The next day, Abi’s face is all puffy from having a little cry. Denise and Penner listen in and are annoyed with her. Malcolm and Abi go to get mail. They are getting money for the food auction. Abi has another cry about Denise.

It’s time for the Survivor Auction. Everyone has $500. The first item is a breakfast. Denise spends $500 on it on her second bid. Before Jeff can lift the cuppola, Scoop already bids $500. Next up, some donuts and iced coffee. Malcolm gets it for $200. The next one is covered. Penner bids $100. Fried chicken and fries. The next one remains covered as well. Carter and Malcolm bet soem money. Carter gets it for $200. It’s a baked potato. He can give it up and get rice and beans for the tribe. Carter chooses the tribe. Lisa and Carter bid. Lisa outbids him. She gets a big sub. The next item is an advantage in the game. Abi immediately bids $500 for it.

The next one remains covered. Carter gets it for $200. He gets veal shanks for the entire tribe. They have 60 seconds to eat it. The auction is over.

Back at camp, Penner starts to talk with Abi. She says that he needs to apologize.

You should apologize for destroying me at tribal.

It gets awkward quickly. Penner likes it that she is toxic for the tribe, because it’s better for him. They hug it out.

Abi goes off by herself. Malcolm thinks that it’s either a clue to another idol or an advantage in the next immunity challenge. She gets to move directly into the final round of the immunity challenge. She’s got a 1-in-3 chance of winning immunity. Knowing Abi, she won’t win. She’s barely participated in any challenges. Her tribe usually sat her out.

Abi plans on lying and saying she’s got another immunity idol.

Abi is like having a girlfriend who doesn’t get the message after you’ve broken up with her.

Abi tries to lie to Malcolm. He’s not convinced.

It’s time for the immunity challenge. They will be attached to a rope which is threaded through a hitching rail. The first 5 move on. Still attached to the rope, they must navigate through bamboo poles. The first 2 move on. In the final, they must navigate through a multi-level obstacle course.

At the beginning of each round, Jeff will ask them a question. If they get it wrong, 5% of their body weight will be added to them. Abi pretends like there are 2 parts in her note. She reads it out. She moves onto the final. Lisa and Denise get the question wrong. Penner is stuck at the beginning. Denise is in the lead. Malcolm and Scoop coming up close. Denise is first. Carter is back in. Carter is 2nd. Scoop and Malcolm move on. Penner makes it.

Denise missed the question again and gets 5% more. Scoop and Carter also get 5%. Carter has a small lead. Scoop and Malcolm are stuck. Carter is in the lead. Penner is first. Carter is 2nd.

Carter answers another question wrong and carries 10%. Penner and Abi have no extra weight. Abi and Carter are in the lead. Carter is close to Abi. Abi wins immunity. The impossible has happened.

Malcolm is kind of happy because they are getting rid of a real threat in Penner. Lisa is crying because her alliance will vote for Penner. He’s pissed when she tells him what has been going on.

Penner tells Carter and Abi that they are voting for Denise. He then talks with Scoop. Scoop isn’t sure which way to vote.

It’s time for tribal. Penner talks about the alliance that was made behind his back. He makes a last minute plea. Malcolm doesn’t really care. Lisa starts to cry again. I don’t care anymore.

Votes to Evict

Abi Denise
Penner Denise
Denise Penner
Scoop Penner
Lisa Penner
Malcolm Penner
Carter Denise

While voting, Penner reads out his vote to everyone. Penner is voted out by a 4-3 vote.

* * * * *

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17 responses to “Survivor Philippines Hell Hath Frozen Over S25E11 (CBS)”

  1. mikidemillion Avatar

    ha ha! I forgot about Penner reading out his vote! Loved it.

    I don’t think Abi will make it much further but it is getting close to the end and someone might want to take her because everyone hates her.

    If she wins immunity again anything is possible. Or, if she really does find another idol. I think Lisa might go home tonight but the show has just started and I’m only guessing from the opening comments and preview. I hope Abi goes home.

    Okay, show’s on. See you next time!

    1. range Avatar

      Yeah, Lisa played it fast and loose. Too many alliances and too much in the open. She went from the background to the forefront, and people will start seeing her as a threat.

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