Survivor Caramoan Fans Vs Favorites There’s Gonna Be Hell to Pay S26E03 (CBS)

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Reynolds is an idiot for so easily showing his idol. It has almost no power now. The power of the idol resides in the fact when no one knows about it. Reynolds makes a big deal about playing the game. Shamar starts getting in his face. They start arguing. Shamar starts yelling at everyone. If he was at a bar, he could get kicked out.

The next day, Reynolds tries to recoup his losses. Sherry tries to coach Shamar not to blow up for the day, because Reynolds and Eddie will try to ruffle some feathers and he’s an easy target. If they get Shamar to blow up some more, some of the others might vote him off.

All I do is deal with snotty, teenage brats all day.

Shamar is disheartened with the way that the game is going for him. No shit, douchebag.

Philip gives a little spiel about how awesome he is when he plays basketball with guys half his age. Corinne and Malcolm start looking for the idol. They find it. Malcolm found it, and he’s not thrilled that she knows about it, but he’s got no choice now. They bury it in the forest.

I get to watch Survivor while I play Survivor.

Andrea wants Karin out. She starts talking to everyone, including Philip. I think Brandon is sporting some new ink. It doesn’t look good.

I’ll pee in the rice, I’ll pee in the beans, I’ll burn the shelter to the ground.

Shamar is thinking about quiting the game. He talks about his experiences after coming back from Iraq. He talks at camp with his alliance, and he decides to stay.

He made himself a hero for un-quitting a game that 50,000 people were lined up to play.

It’s time for the immunity challenge. Both tribes will race out ot the water to a large bamboo cage. In the cage, there is a very heavy chest. They must untie the cage door, and drag the chest back to shore. They will place it on a track and use a grappeling hook to retrieve missing pieces of track. The winning tribe also wins comfort in the form of chairs, pillows, blankets and a tarp.

None of the Survivors are as graceful as Ozzy in the water. They all stumble/fall into the water. The favorites have a lead. The fans make up the time quickly. The favorites have fallen behind. The fans are moving ahead. The favorites are only a couple of feet behind. The tribes are even on the beach. The fans have their first section. Malcolm couldn’t hit it. Philip gets it. Teh favorites are slightly behind. Malcolm gets the second section. The favorites are in the lead. Shamar is tossing. He gets it after a while. Brandon can’t get it, neither can Eddie. Brandon gets it. The fans miss again. The favorites win immunity and reward. Eddie failed the challenge for the fans.

Shamar is pissed off at Reynolds for taking his goggles. He needed them in the water because he had contacts on. Reynolds thinks that Shamar is going home. Laura is worried that her head is on the chopping block. They want to get rid of Hope. Laura says that they should split the vote in case Reynolds gives his idol to Hope. Sherri explains to her alliance what to do.

Shamar talks with Hope. He tells her that he isn’t voting for her. Shamar tells him that she could vote for one of her alliance partners. That would throw the vote. Hope talks to Julia, and then she talks to Sherri. The plan goes south. At least to some of the tribemates. Laurie tells Reynolds that if they can get 5 votes for Shamar, she’s in. It’s because they think that Shamar is no longer voting for their alliance.

It’s time for tribal. I guess Shamar was distracted by Hope’s hotness and didn’t think things through. Jeff talks about Shamar. Hope talks about what he told her. He says that he didn’t give away the plan, but he naturally did. Shamar denies the things that happened back at camp. I guess we’re lucky that there are cameras, otherwise we wouldn’t know what was going on.

I’m on the no-talking list.

Votes to Evict

Eddie Shamar
Hope Shamar
Julia Hope
Laura Hope
Matt Eddie
Michael Eddie
Reynolds Shamar
Shamar Eddie
Sherri Hpe

The vote is a three-way tie 3-3-3 (Shamar, Hope, Eddie). There is a revote. They can only vote for the three nominated tribemates. Eddie, Shamar and Hope can’t vote.


Julia Hope
Laura Hope
Matt Hope
Michael Hope
Reynolds Shamar
Sherri Hope

Hope is voted out by a 5-1 vote. She didn’t do much in the game, so it’s not a big loss.

* * * * *

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12 thoughts on “Survivor Caramoan Fans Vs Favorites There’s Gonna Be Hell to Pay S26E03 (CBS)”

  1. If Shamar is who he says he is, then I give him a little slack in his lazy and non-caring ways. Many of the others see Survivor as a once-in-a-lifetime experience. In the end, it’s just a back-stabbing ploy for money. For Shamar, his once-in-a-lifetime experience included things that can keep a person awake at night. I do wonder why he has let himself go so much. He seems doughy and lacks any physical effort. Maybe it’s the climate, as he says. And his mind seems weak. Wanting to quit so early in the game. But, that could be weariness of playing a game with people who don’t have a clue what a struggle really is. A real struggle of survival. That’s why I give him more slack than the others and I hope he will stay.

    I love the quote you included by Cochran. I miss that guy. He’s not highlighted too much this season. I’d love to see more of him.

    As for the voting, I have no idea who Hope is so if her leaving has no impact on me.

    See you next time!

    1. Yeah, Hope was not really important. She’s one of those blond girls. Shamar, bleh. I’d rather see more of Cochran and Brandon imploding.

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