Survivor Heroes Vs Villains Jumping Ship S20E11 (CBS)

This is the night after tribal council. Russ is pissed that Parv and Danielle are in cahoots. They didn’t tell him about the plan. Rupert and Amanda talk. They want to bring Sandra over to their side.

The next day, Russ is talking with Candice. He makes his usual top three speech/play. He tells Parv, Jerri and Danielle immediately that Candice will switch sides.

It’s time for the challenge. It’s Survivor Shuffle Board. The winning team will go to some retreat and spend the night away. Candice/Parv/Jerri vs Rup/Russ/Sandra vs Colby/Danielle/Amanda. Rupert makes a good throw in the 1st round. Colby/Amanda/Danielle win reward. For once, Colby didn’t choke. Parv was already. They are at Robert Louis Stevenson’s house, who wrote Treasure Island. Amanda wants to find the idol. They also get to watch the original movie. Danielle finds the clue in the bowl of popcorn. Amanda sees her and takes it away from Danielle. Wow that’s aggressive. Colby just watches them go at it. Danielle demands it back. Colby does the referee and Amanda obliges. They get back to camp and it’s raining. Russ spots Danielle coming to see them. She’s got the clue and tells them the story of Amanda. They want to go find it. Russ finds it immediately and hides it. He plans on keeping it for himself. Danielle keeps looking in the rain. Russ tells Candice that he’s got the immunity idol. She wants to see it. I don’t know why he thinks that showing people the idol will make them trust him. He’s an idiot.

Colby starts talking with Sandra. She thinks it’s the perfect time to switch. Colby thinks that Danielle has the idol and won’t give it away because she’s greedy. They don’t know who to take out first, Parv or Russ. Russ is already suspicious. He talks with her and tells her that they have one of the Heroes on their side already. Sandra tells Rupert. She wants to get rid of Russ now. Colby talks with Amanda.

It’s time for the immunity challenge. They have to use tiles to build up as high as possible. Jerri is up fast. Amanda isn’t doing well. Colby and Sandra’s tower collapse. It’s Russ and Jerri who are leading. Jerri’s is teetering and tottering. No one else is close. They are both at 9 feet. Jerri wins immunity by seconds. Sandra tells the camera that she will vote for Russ.

I’ve been waiting to take him down for 30 days, this is for B Rob, Ty, Courtney, and even Coach, because I don’t care too much about him, but I’ll stick him in there.

Jerri is jubilant. It’s her 1st immunity win.

She’s kind of like Boston Rob in a girl’s body.
Russ about Amanda

Russ tells Candice that they need to vote for Amanda. Parv is listening in. Amanda is suspicious again. She sees Russ walking away. The Heroes say that they need to vote for Russ. Sandra is there with them. Candice tells Russ about this. Russ goes to see Sandra and confronts her. Russ tells her that an idol will get played. Candice runs up to them. Sandra says that she will vote for Amanda. Sandra tells Rupert about Candice. They confront Candice and she denies it. Colby defends her. They now decide to vote Parv. Sandra talks forcefully to Candice.

It’s time for tribal. It’s all about Sandra and she takes it up with her alliance. The Villains vote for Amanda. The Heroes vote for Parv. Russ is going to play the idol. He does so. The Heroes have flushed out the idol. Amanda is evicted out by a 4-3 vote. Russ is already shaking his head. He knows that he shouldn’t have played it. Parv tells Russ that he wasted an idol.

* * * * *

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82 thoughts on “Survivor Heroes Vs Villains Jumping Ship S20E11 (CBS)”

  1. Oh, I missed your post last week. Ran out of time and didn’t get back to it. Anyway, can’t wait for your recap of tonight’s episode. What the heck just happened? Did Russell get bit by a big mosquito that swelled his brain? Unbelievable.

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