Survivor Redemption Island A Mystery Package S022E11 (CBS)

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With one final swoop, all of the Zapateras have been evicted. There’s a few of them left on Redemption Island, but it looks like Matt will power through and then will get promptly evicted again by getting double-crossed for the third time by Andrea. The other Ometepes have already talked among themselves. They’ll get rid of Andrea next. This episode featured some more lunacy by Philip. I don’t know how he managed to find his shorts again, but that was pretty shrewd.

That doesn’t stop Philip from either being dyslexic or having a learning disability of some kind. He’s got problems pronouncing complicated words and says the weirdest things. The mystery package meant that the tribe was going to evict another person today. Lo and behold, it came as no surprise that they evicted the last of the Zapateras. In two weeks, the game will begin in the earnest, as the Ometepes will have to vote out one of their own. Unless the girls rally, they will be picked off one by one. Rob probably wants to get rid of Grant at the end and use him to get rid of Nat and/or Ashley.

* * * * *

Steve wants to bury the hatchet. Philip didn’t feel it was genious. (Philip trying to say genuine).

I don’t find him genious.
Philip trying to say genuine or disingenuous

Steve is hoping that Rob will keep them around, but Rob wants to take Philip to the finals, as long as he keeps up his stupid antics.

Philip is trying to find his trunks. He says that he had a vision. WTF. This dude is nutters. He’s looking for his trunks under rocks. He actually finds his trunks. I’m surprised.

It’s fruitile to hide shorts from me.
Philip trying to say futile

Philip, he’s a little crazy. He’s a freaking lunatic.

You can pull the wool over the undercover specialist.

Philip can’t wait to show Julie his shorts at the duel.

On Redemption Island, Julie and Mike see that Matt is feeling pretty down. Matt has a little meltdown in a VT. Whatever. I don’t think that God gives a rat’s ass about your chances in Survivor. It’s time for another duel. Writing this doesn’t sit well for me, because a duel is something between 2 adversaries, not three. They are playing Survivor Shuffleboard. The first two to send their pucks into the end zone will move on. The loser becomes part of the jury. Mike has 1 in the end zone. Both Julie and Matt don’t score. In the next round, Mike and Julie score. Matt still has nothing. Matt’s deflated and wants to go home. When Andrea looks at Matt, he shakes his head and looks away. In the next round, both Julie and Mike score nothing. Matt scores. In the fourth round, Matt scores and he’s through. Mike scores and he stays. Julie is gone.

Later, in a VT, Andrea says that she felt like Matt gave her a dirty look for what she had done to him, twice. She stabbed him in the back twice in a row.

Andrea talks with Nat and Ashley. She feels bad, as she should. She feels guilty, whatever. I don’t care about the blondie. Grant and Rob talk. Grant says that they should get rid of Andrea as soon as it’s time.

It’s time for the immunity challenge. They will compete in a log roll. The last person left standing wins immunity. Grant will be great at this. They will play for reward. Jeff shows them a chocolate cake with ice cold milk. There is another hidden twist, which Jeff will reveal after the comp. It’s Grant vs Boston Rob. Boston Rob is out. Andrea vs Ashley. Andrea is out. Ralph vs Steve. Ralph wins. Nat vs Philip. Philip wins. In the next round, it’s Grant vs Ashley. Grant moves to the finals. Ralph wins against Philip. In the final, it’s Grant vs Ralph. Grant wins immunity. He shares it with Rob and Andrea. Why did he chose Andrea? Jeff gives the rest of the tribe a mystery package. Rob, Grant, and Andrea have two minutes to eat the cake. Grant chose Andrea as a strategic move. She might be blindsided tonight and it was to make her feel at ease.

It’s going to be intel what happens.
Ralph trying to say “there’s gonna be none telling what happens”

Ralph had to repeat the previous statement three times before Steve got the gist of it. It was actually subtitled.

Steve feels somewhat sick. It’s something that Rob noticed. He wants to get rid of Ralph next. The tribe has figured out that there are cards inside the package. Rob plans on having some backup plans. These plans involve voting out Andrea. Rob talks with Ashley and Nat about Andrea. Ashley says that she noticed that Andrea has been getting friendly with the Zapateras. Steve tells Nat and Ashley that the Zapateras are voting for Rob. They tell Rob. He is now considering getting rid of Steve before Andrea.

It’s time for tribal. Ralph thinks that he’s going home. Steve also thinks that Ralph is going home. Steve is saying that he’s somewhat feeble. Grant doesn’t believe that because Steve played in the NFL. Steve whispers “Let’s do it” to the Ometepes.

Vote to Evict

Rob                        Ralph
Grant                    Ralph
Ashley                  Ralph
Nat                         Ralph
Philip                     Ralph
Andrea                 Ralph
Ralph                     Rob
Steve                    Rob

Ralph is evicted by a 6-2 vote. He goes to Redemption Island. Steve opens the mystery package. They are now going to compete in the next immunity challenge. Then, they will immediately evict another tribe member. They are handed some cards. They have to show the same cards as Jeff after he shows them. Philip and Nat are out. Grant and Andrea are out. Rob wins immunity again. The challenge was made for him.

Vote to Evict

Rob                        Steve
Grant                    Steve
Ashley                  Steve
Nat                         Steve
Philip                     Steve
Andrea                 Steve
Steve                    Grant

Steve is voted out. Andrea has got a smirk on her face. She doesn’t know how close she came to leaving. Now it’s going to get interesting. Well, maybe after next week. Andrea is the next one out. Unless she wins immunity.

* * * * *

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57 thoughts on “Survivor Redemption Island A Mystery Package S022E11 (CBS)”

  1. So much has been happening in the news lately that this episode seems as if it aired years ago.

    It’s hilarious what you write about Phillip unable to pronounce words properly. He is really an odd one and I can’t figure him out. He has visions about his grandfather or some old relative, full-blooded Cherokee or something, who appears to tell him little tidbits, such as “you’re going to stay in the game this week,” and “by the way, look under a rock for your swim trunks.” Strange things to come out of a vision. You’d think if he expends all this energy on things like visions that the old guy might drop a hint about Rob having an Idol. Or, where to find some big fish.

    The game will get interesting again, once the remaining tribe mates have to turn on their own. I wonder how far Rob will go in the game. The others have to think about getting rid of him now if they want to have a chance at the money. I love that Rob has the Idol but will the others be able to blindside him? No one knows he has one. He was smart not to say a word to anyone.

    It would be great if Andrea wins immunity this week. I’d love to see a big scramble for the end right about now.

    See you next episode!

    1. I agree, it’s a bit hard to focus on this when OBL is dead. Anyway, I’d also like Andrea to win immunity to shake things up, but honestly, it looks like she’s the next one to go.

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