Survivor Caramoan Fans Vs Favorites Tubby Lunchbox S26E07 (CBS)

Survivor Caramoan Title, Via Wikipedia

Michael is trying to recover from losing Matt. Corinne wants to keep her gay in the game, her words, not mine. Philip sees Corinne talking with others and decides that she needs to leave. He talks with Cochran.

The tribes get tree mail. It implies that the weak will carry the strong.

I’m the strongest guy out here.

Philip challenges Cochran to an arm wrestling match. Cochran thinks that this is to build up his ego. WTF.

It’s time for the reward challenge. Each of the tribes will be wearing a belt and a 20 pound sand bag. They are trying to catch/get away from the other tribe. They can give their weight to someone of their tribe. They are playing for time at a coffee bar. Brenda is sitting this one out. Gota has got some good strategy. Both tribes start walking. They are running around an oval. Gota is picking up the pace. Philip kept saying that he was the strongest guy out there but he can’t seem to run. Gota is catching up. Dawn gives her bag to Corinne and she’s out. Gota is running. Cochran is out. Corinne has got 60 lbs. Andrea falls down. As does Philip. Gota wins easily.

That’s a diarrhea fest. They’re going to get sick.

This is some of the fans’ first reward.

I wanna get as close to them as possible before, you know, I vote them out so they’ll still vote for me.

All we do is win challenges and party.

You’re a tubby lunchbox! I’ve yet to see an ab on you. I don’t see any pectoral muscles. He’s an … an amoeba. He’s a … a loose ten pounds of potatoes in a five pound pound bag.

Corinne talks with Cochran. He says that Corinne and Philip hate each other on the VT. He wants to get rid of a fan but even that’s no longer sure.

Julia is such a non-entity out here. I’m tempted to say that she’s like a vanilla personality, but I feel like this would be a great disservice to the flavor vanilla. People actively seek out vanilla-flavored products. Children clamor for vanilla ice cream. Nobody is clamoring for anything Julia-flavored.

Philip is talking strategy with Julia. Corinne just walks by when Philip talks about being a double agent.

He’s going to disrupt the unity of the tribe by driving everyone crazy.
Julia about Philip

Meanwhile, Julia is thinking about getting rid of Philip.

Malcolm talks with Reynolds about sticking together in the merge. Malcolm thinks that himself, Erik, Reynolds and Eddie will be the first targets after the merge. Reynolds says that he has an idol and that he’ll use it on Malcolm if he needs it. Malcolm has had an idol since day 4. He’s the only one in the game who knows who has the idols.

Julia talks with Dawn about Philip. Dawn tells Philip what Julia told her about working under Philip.

She’s managed to commit a couple of foo-pas.
Philip trying to say faux pas

Now Philip thinks that Julia is an idiot and now he wants her gone.

It’s time for the immunity challenge. Three members of each tribe will paddle into the ocean to release statues and bring them back to shore, placing them at the foot of a tower. Three others will use a grappling hook to retrieve keys. The keys will be used to unlock the tower. Then, they will their statue to the top. Sherri sits this one out.

Dawn, Corinne and Michael are in the boat for Bikal. Brenda, Erik and Eddie are going for Gota. Gota is pulling away. Bikal is back in this after Gota goes the wrong way. Gota has their statue free. Bikal is close behind. Gota leaves. Bikal almost tips their boat. Gota is at shore. Gota has got their statue in place. Reynolds is using the grappling hook. He gets the first one for Gota. He gets another one, followed by another. Philip manages to get one. Reynolds gets another. Philip gets his second. Philip gets his third. Reynolds gets his fifth key. Philip misses again. Andrea and Reynolds open their tower. Gota wins immunity.

At Bikal, Philip was sulking. He pulls Cochran aside. He says that he blew the challenge. Cochran is incredulous.

You can’t make up this level of delusion.

Cochran knows that Philip didn’t throw the challenge, but he also believes that Philip managed to convince himself that he did actually throw the challenge. The plan is to split the vote among Julia and Michael to flush out the idol. Corinne doesn’t want this because she loves her gay.

It has to be a show of unity. It has to be unanimous. I don’t want him thinking that we’re not 100% behind him.
Philip paraphrasing Corinne

Corinne walks in on Philip’s conversation with Dawn and Cochran. He bitches her out. She’s pissed.

Philip wants to vote out Michael. I don’t know if this is a plan set in stone. It clearly has nothing to do with Julia or Michael. It’s masking something that’s about to come to the surface. And tonight’s vote will probably set in motion a series of events that will bring this Philip vs Corinne feud to the surface and make it clear why they can’t play together.

It’s time for tribal. Corinne says that they shouldn’t screw up going into the merge. Philip admits that he lost the challenge.

I think that it’s neat that he’s gay.

Votes to Evict

Cochran Michael
Corinne Julia
Dawn Julia
Philip Michael
Julia Michael
Michael Julia

No one uses an idol because they don’t have one. The first vote is a 3-3 tie. Michael and Julia aren’t voting in the re-vote.

Votes to Evict Re-Vote

Cochran Julia
Corinne Julia
Dawn Julia
Philip Julia

Julia is voted out by a 4-0 vote. This wasn’t a bit loss. In fact, she hasn’t said much all season. It’s a feat that I actually remember her name.

* * * * *

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8 thoughts on “Survivor Caramoan Fans Vs Favorites Tubby Lunchbox S26E07 (CBS)”

  1. ha ha. I remember Julia’s name from last week’s episode because I figured she’d be the next one to go. I missed this episode completely. Had to work late and then the underground was a mess so I didn’t get home until after the episode aired. I did catch the previews for next week and it looks like a merge.

    What is up with Corinne’s ‘the gay’ comments? Why can’t she just call him by his name? It’s so disrespectful. She’s an idiot.

    1. I don’t know what’s up with Corinne. She’s a Mormon and maybe that should explain things, but it doesn’t. Maybe she’s just an ignorant, prejudiced woman. You should download it if you can, the episode was good. Cochran made some insightful comments. Philip is totally delusional. Corinne is getting pissed off.

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