Survivor South Pacific Running the Show S23E10 (CBS)

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While Ozzy wins his duels at Redemption, life at camp is pretty tough for the Savaiis, unless you’re Cochran. Both Dawn and Whitney try to muster up some kind of alliance, but they fail and are evicted in this double eviction. The jury has now 4 Savaii members and it will be interesting to see how things pan out. It looks like either Edna or Cochran will be next to go, as finally the Upolu tribe has picked off the remaining Savaiis and now the real fun begins. As Matt demonstrated in the last season of Survivor, being on Redemption isn’t really a blessing because you’re out of the game. The Upolus will try to vote Ozzy out immediately, unless he wins immunity challenges. Ozzy has shown that he can’t win all challenges, so he might just get back into the game and get voted out, and buy some poor Upolu some respite.

* * * * *

Jim arrives at Redemption. He joins Keith and Ozzy.

When Te Tuna comes back to camp, Coach makes a speech about how Jim was a snake. Whitney thinks that they are all pretty stupid for falling for Coach’s spiel.

Coach is teaching Cochran some yoga. Cochran is sucking up. Coach confides that he’s worried about Albert and Brandon turning on him.

It’s time for the three-way duel between Keith, Ozzy, and Jim. With their arms outstretched, they will use the back of their hands to hold two poles against an overhead board. Last person left standing moves on. The losers will become the 1st two members of the jury. Ozzy has got no supporters in the new tribe. After 10 minutes, Jim is the first one out. Keith is out. Ozzy wins. Both of the new jury members are rooting for Ozzy. Ozzy goes back to Redemption. Ozzy could win it all if he makes it back and if he wins all of the immunity challenges.

Ozzy goes fishing at Redemption. Ozzy is having a ball at Redemption. He’s eating a lot of fish and coconuts. He says that he’s rejuvenating himself, so the next people coming through Redemption will face a challenge.

At Te Tuna, Dawn tells Cochran that she wants to work with him again. The tribe is going hungry. They don’t have any coconuts or fish.

It’s time for the next immunity challenge. They will balance a bowl filled with rice on their heads. Then they will race over two teeter totters and empty the rice into a container. Albert, Coach, and Cochran have to head back. Rick has to go back. The girls are doing well. Brandon and Sophie are also back.

Cochran drops it again. Coach has got his first bowl. Whitney has to go back. Edna has to go back. Brandon has got his 2nd bowl in. Dawn has got her 2nd as does Sophie. Everybody else is struggling. Sophie fills up her bowl to the rim. With that move, she wins immunity. That was a decisive move on her part. Jeff says that there will be a twist at tribal.

Coach tells Cochran that it’s between Dawn and Whitney. Coach says that Cochran is dangerous because if she gets to the end, she will win. Cochran thinks that there might be a double eviction tonight.

Dawn thinks that she is leaving. She tells Whitney to talk to Albert. They approach him with Cochran listening in. Albert tells Whitney that Edna is like a zombie. She hasn’t done anything in the game, except ride Coach’s coattails. Albert thinks that he needs to make a move to secure jury votes. If he gets Edna out, he’ll butter up Whitney and Dawn, which could lead to votes on the jury.

Albert tells Cochran that he will be voted out seventh. Albert tells him about his move. Then, he makes a mistake in talking with Sophie. I think he should have gone ahead and done the deal with 4 votes. It wouldn’t have been enough, but Sophie might tell Coach what’s up. However, Sophie agrees that it might be in their best interest. Sophie is the swing vote.

Coach tells Edna that Albert is playing for jury votes. Cochran tells Albert that Coach is getting suspicious. Coach tries to tell his alliance that it’s instant death if they go against his vote. That might irk his tribe enough to simply vote against him.

It’s time for tribal. Whitney likes Keith’s sarong. Dawn and Whitney talk about the votes. Whitney says that Cochran is the target at seventh. Jeff grills Cochran about strategy. Coach says that he doesn’t run the alliance. Whitney smiles and rolls her eyes. Jeff remarks on this. Whitney says that everyone always reports back to Coach, so he’s in charge. Albert disagrees.

Votes to Evict

Whitney Edna
Dawn Edna

Cochran Dawn

Albert Dawn
Brandon Dawn
Coach Dawn
Edna Dawn
Rick Dawn
Sophie Dawn

Dawn is voted out. Jeff says that they are going right into another immunity challenge with another vote. This was what Cochran was expecting.

Jeff is going to ask them some survival-related questions. If they answer wrong, they are out of the immunity challenge. After the first question, Albert, Edna, and Rick are out. After the second question, Whitney, Coach and Sophie remain in the challenge. Well, if Whitney wins, it will be interesting who will go. It’s either Cochran or Edna. Coach is out next. I think that Coach threw the challenge. I wonder why. Sophie wins immunity again. Nice.

Votes to Evict

Whitney Cochran

Cochran Whitney

Albert Whitney
Brandon Whitney
Coach Whitney
Edna Whitney
Rick Whitney
Sophie Whitney

Whitney is voted out.

* * * * *

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44 thoughts on “Survivor South Pacific Running the Show S23E10 (CBS)”

  1. I’m still getting over the holidays, but I’ve been watching Survivor. I didn’t watch over Thanksgiving week when it was one of those recap shows. I’m glad you haven’t posted the newest episode yet so I have a chance to get caught up on these.

    At this point, I’m surprised no one is going after Coach yet. Or has even strategized over it. I guess they are all waiting for the time they have to cannibalize their own members. Or, they are waiting for a good time make him use the Immunity Idol.

    I’m glad to see Dawn gone. Whitney I really didn’t know much about.

    And, I know what happens next but don’t see the new post yet for that one.

    1. Hi,

      Yes I watched it but I haven’t posted it yet. I’ll post it today. It’s the only day that I really have the time to do some blogging these days.

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