Survivor Philippines Little Miss Perfect S25E09 (CBS)

Survivor Philippines intertitle, via Wikipedia

Scoop is pretty happy with the result of the tribal. Abi wants to find out who voted for her. Penner tells her that she pissed him off and he voted for her. Penner has trouble making sense of the vote, as most players did.

Malcolm and Lisa talk. Lisa has a cry. I don’t care. The next day she talks with Penner and has another cry. I care even less.

It’s time for the reward challenge. They will be divided into two teams. One person will crawl in muddy waters, over obstacles into a pit to look for a bag of balls. Once they have collected all four bags, they need to launch them into a basket. The winning team will leave to give school supplies to a local village. In return, they will get a feast. Abi wasn’t picked so she won’t get a shot at the reward. They had a schoolyard pick. That comes as no surprise.

Scoop is in the lead. Penner looks for all bags for his team. He puts them in the corner. That’s an interesting move. Carter puts red in the lead. Red has got a big lead. Pete is still looking for the 3rd bag. They start launching the balls into the basket. The red team has got 10 in. Red can’t get their last ball in. Yellow has 5 in. Red team wins. Penner, Denise, Malcolm and Carter head for a reward.

The feast looks pretty good and the kids were cute. They talk strategy. They decide to use Scoop and Lisa because they have been treated badly by their former tribemates.

Back at camp, Pete wants to try to work with Lisa and Scoop. Abi bosses Lisa around at camp. She’s alienating her.

You’re gullible and naive.
Abi to Lisa

Abi is just a lose canon.

Abi wants to get rid of Penner.

It’s time for the immunity challenge. They will balance a ball on a stand. They have to navigate balls onto six different spots. Scoop lands 2 balls. Pete also does 2. Scoop has got 3. Now 4. Pete also has 4. Scoop has got 5. Pete loses 2 balls. Scoop lands his last ball and wins immunity. No one else had landed a ball except Pete.

Abi wanted to vote out Scoop, but now thinks that it’s Penner’s time to go. Carter, Denise and Malcolm talk. They decide to vote for Artis. Without Scoop and Lisa, they don’t have the numbers.

Lisa isn’t sure which way she will vote. Penner talks with Scoop as well. He only needs one of them to vote with his alliance. Later Scoop and Lisa talk about which way they will vote. Lisa says that she is considering it.

It’s time for tribal. Lisa says that she felt such grace from the people in the tribe. She got more grace from the people in the other alliance than from hers.

My life is bigger than this game, and this game is bigger than me.

Lisa keeps going on and I’m not really listening. Abi says that she is not really sure about Lisa anymore. Lisa says that she’s been getting this from them since the beginning.

Votes to Evict

Penner Artis
Carter Artis
Malcolm Artis
Denise Artis
Abi Penner
Pete Penner
Artis Penner
Lisa Penner
Scoop Artis

Artis is voted out by a 5-4 vote.

* * * * *

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