Survivor Nicaragua This Is Going to Hurt S21E14 (CBS)

Sash tells Fabio that Benry was trying to target him. That’s why Sash couldn’t tell him anything. Sash wants Fabio to go next.

The next day, the survivors get an HTC cell phone. They get some video messages from home. Fabio’s mom looked pretty good on the video. Fabio talks with Chase. He wants a three-way alliance with Sash.

It’s time for the reward challenge. OMFG, the product placement is getting annoying. WTF. If they win the challenge, they will set sail on a boat. They will enjoy a nice meal with their loved ones. Jeff brings out the families.

That’s a good nickname. They used to call him Judd, the Stud.
Fabio’s mom

Dan’s son Matthew kisses his dad a few times. It’s touching. Jeff tells the family members that they will have to participate in the challenge. The survivors have to salvage some bags from a pool. The loved ones have to assemble a familiar phrase. Fabio and Chase have got 2 out before Dan has got his first out. Everyone is working on their puzzle. Connie gets it first. Chase /Connie go on reward. Chase picks Sash to go on the reward. Then, he picks Holly. Fabio is pissed. His mom tells him to keep his head in the game. Dan muttered scumbag under his breath.

Dan, Fabio, and Jane are talking about Chase. They are all pissed, especially Jane.

On the boat, Chase, Sash, and Holly talk about sticking together and voting off Fabio. Chase finds a clue during the feast.

As soon as they get back, Fabio is talking to Chase about the debacle.

The next day, it’s time for the immunity challenge. They will be blindfolded and make their way to a station. They must memorize some symbols. They will grab a set of matching symbols and head back. At their home station, they have to create the same symbols again in the right order. Fabio is the 1st one back with all of his pieces followed by Jane and Holly. Sash is back. Chase and Dan make their way back. It’s between Fabio and Chase. Fabio stops the clock but has got one wrong. Fabio asks again after he changes one and wins immunity. That’s sticking it to them!

Back at camp, Dan says that he’s exhausted. Sash says that Fabio winning threw their plan. Fabio tells Chase that they should vote off Jane. Chase talks it over with Sash. Sash tells him that they should get rid of Jane. Holly comes by and agrees. Jane pops in and learns that they are targeting her. Jane doesn’t like hearing this. She tells Sash not to look at her.

She raised a damn liar.
Jane about Sash’s mom

Before leaving for tribal, Jane drenches the fire with water. The jury arrives. Benry looks pissed. Jane says that this is filled with backstabbers and liars. She tells Holly that she is a thief and should go to jail. Dan’s shoes were worth $1,400. Jeff asks who’s next. Chase asks the other people and they say that Dan or Fabio are next to go. Jeff asks why the people on the outs don’t forge a new alliance to get Holly out. Chase and Sash have hidden immunity idols.

It’s really strange that Jeff has to kick over the hornet’s nest in order to wake up some of the survivors so that they survive the night. Obviously, this batch of survivors isn’t very smart. Chase looks very confused. Everyone laughs at him, especially Brenda and Marty.

Vote to Evict

Fabio                     Jane
Jane                       Sash (discounted because of hidden immunity idol)
Holly                      Jane
Sash                       Jane
Dan                        Jane
Chase                    Jane

Both Chase and Sash exchange looks and play their hidden immunity idols. Jane is evicted out by a 5-0 vote.

* * * * *

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68 thoughts on “Survivor Nicaragua This Is Going to Hurt S21E14 (CBS)”

  1. So, tonight is the last night for this season of Survivor. I did enjoy that last episode watching Jane douse the fire and saying something like, I was the one who started it and I’m the one who will put it out. Also, I like that she mentioned Dan’s shoes, reminding us that Holly is a bit of a looney as well. At least Jane is sane, and what she did was out of frustration and broken trust and not because she has a few screws loose.

    Fabio, or Jud as I’ve heard a preview call him, really stepped it up to win that challenge. But, I, too, was confused why Jeff had to spell it out to the three not previously aligned to vote as a group and at least get a tie vote. I know Fabio has been trying to get rid of Jane for a long time now. Says she is a threat, from all the way back when Marty put that in his head. So I understand why he didn’t vote for Holly, but I’m not sure what Dan was thinking, unless it was the same thing about Jane being hard to beat.

    I hope Fabio wins it, but I have little expectation he will. We’ll find out before the day is over.

    I’m not sure what a MILF is. I could look it up, I guess.

  2. 🙂 Heh, maybe I should edit that.

    Otherwise, this has been a somewhat boring season of Survivor. I honestly don’t care who wins all that much. The survivors are forgettable.

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