Survivor Heroes Vs Villains Tonight We Make Our Move S20E04 (CBS)

Randy was evicted unanimously by his tribe. The only dissenting vote was his own. Coach is pissed at Sandra for calling him lazy during Tribal. He complains to Ty. He has a little cry. What is he doing? He’s like a little wet blanket! Ty tells him not to tell his stories. No one believes him. He wants to quit. My wife just called him a complete baby!

The game doesn’t deserve my nobility.
Ty paraphrasing Coach

Coach had a little sob-session with Ty and wanted to quit the game or something. I don’t know. That’s not much of a coach if you ask me.
Boston Rob

Coach is a little pansy and needs Boston Rob to talk.

I’m a legend, The Last of the Mohicans, King Arthur.

The tribes get a catalog from Sears. They have to choose their reward. It’s time for the challenge. They will race a slippery course to retrieve a numbered ball. They must then toss it into a basket. First tribe to 4 wins reward.

Heroes choose fishing and cooking gear. Villains choose tools and a tarp. Coach vs Tom. Coach scores. Russ vs Cirie. Russ beats her easily. Villains score. 2-0. Courtney vs Candice. Candice beats the anorexic Courtney. Amanda vs Jerri. Jerri scores. 3-1. Sandra vs James. James scores. Danielle Vs Rupert. Rupert scores. 3-3. Ty vs Colby. Villains win!

Russ finds something in the toolkit. He wasn’t thinking and it falls out. Boston Rob reads it out loud. It’s a clue to find the hidden immunity idol. Sandra just wants to flush it out. Rob wants to find it together. They start putting together the shelter instead. Russ wants to find it. He leaves to go search for the idol. Boston Rob sends Sandra after him. She reports back. They all said that they should vote out the person looking for the idol. He should have gone at night.

The heroes also find a clue in their coffee beans to the immunity idol hidden at their camp. They all go looking for it at opposite ends of the beach. Tom finds the right place. Tom finds it and puts it into his sock. That was pretty smart. Amanda saw him. She tells everyone that Tom has it. Tom tells Colby.

It’s time for the immunity challenge. One person from each tribe will be strapped in a giant ball. They must guide two blinded people toward a puzzle. Then they must guide more blinded people to complete a ball puzzle. Courtney, Sandra and Cirie sit out the challenge.

Tom faces off against Boston Rob. The Villains pass the Heroes. They are the first ones at the puzzle. They win immunity. It looked like the villains easily won, but it was cut to make us believe that it was close.

Candice wants to get rid of Tom or Colby. JT tells Amanda that he wants Candice gone. Candice is scrambling. They talk with Tom. He says that he would give them the idol. James chimes in and they all want to get rid of Candice. There is a new foursome alliance.

Amanda talks with Cirie. She says that they are stupid.

Amanda, I love her to death, but she is not the sharpest tool in the shed.

JT tells Tom that Cirie is working behind the scenes to get rid Tom. Cirie is the puppetmaster. Tom, JT, and Colby decide to vote together in order to get rid of Cirie. It will be a 3-way tie. But JT isn’t sure that he will vote this way.

It’s time for tribal. Jeff doesn’t understand why Rupert wants to keep his word. The game is based upon outwitting, outlasting and outplaying others. After the votes are cast, Tom uses the idol. Tom gets 3 votes which don’t count. Colby gets 2. Cirie gets 3. She’s evicted! That was a bold move by JT.

* * * * *

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