Survivor Caramoan Fans Vs Favorites Persona Non Grata S26E05 (CBS)

Survivor Caramoan Title, Via Wikipedia

The fans think that they need to win challenges. The vote went down that way. The idol also got flushed out. Reynolds is the man at camp who’s able to get things done as well. Mikael is threatened by this.

At Bikal, Brandon is starting to freak out. I’m sure we’ll see him pissing in the rice next. He makes a speech. The others listen in silence. He says that at the next tribal, he says that he will volunteer to get evicted. He tells Cochran, Andrea and Corinne that he was going to burn the shelter to the ground pee in the rice and the beans.

He’s loco. For sure. Clearly he’s spinning out of control.
Corinne about Brandon

The next day, Brandon says that he’s done a 180 and wants to play the game to win. WTF.

It’s time for the reward challenge. Two members of each tribe will hold onto a rope. Other members from the other tribe will lob coconuts into a net to make the people lose hold of the rope. The winning tribe will take back BBQ supplies including condiments, veggies, wine, and meat. Erik, Dawn and Andrea are sitting this one out. Philip is holding onto the rope and psyching out the competition. Brandon is the first one out. Matt is out a few seconds later. Michael lets go, the favorites win again. Sherri was really bad at the challenge.

Many tribe members are looking for the idol. Michael, Reynolds, Eddie, Sherri, and Matt are out idol hunting. Everyone is looking for it now. Holy shit, Reynolds finds it again. WTF. I wonder if he’s going to be smart about it or an idiot again. He makes a speech to the camera about keeping it secret, but he immediately goes to the shelter and tells Eddie. He’s a total idiot. The smart play is to keep looking for it and not tell ANYONE. These guys aren’t fans, they’re total imbeciles.

Brandon is annoyed at Philip. He’s getting pissed off. He gets into an argument with Philip. He tells him to f*ck off. Philip goes away. They talk a bit later.

He’s unstable and unpredictable.

Camp life at Gota’s been a long strand of hell.

At Bikal, they’ve got a fire int heir shelter. They are in a lot better place than Gota. Brandon is royally pissed off at Philip. Philip is considering of throwing the challenge to get rid of Brandon. Philip tells Andrea that if they lose, Brandon needs to go.

Brandon is getting even more pissed off. He has ups and downs. Andrea told Brandon that Philip wants him out. She’s starting trouble actually. Philip tells Brandon that he can’t trust him anymore. Brandon tells him to stop his Stealth R Us BS. Brandon gets angry and throws the rice out of the shelter into the sand. He does the same with the beans. He goes after Philip. Philip is gone. Brandon is shouting. The others are scrambling to save their staples. Dawn is trying to calm Brandon down.

It’s time for the immunity challenge. Brandon says that he’s not doing too well. He had an altercation with Brandon. He steps off the tribe and wants to talk with the other tribe. WTF. He tells them that he is their second chance. The favorites forfeit the challenge to go to tribal. Brandon is shouting and being an asshat. Jeff calls him over. Then he starts to shout at Philip like a total git. He’s having a meltdown. Holy shit. He’s lost it. He’s belligerent. It escalates. Wow, at least Jeff is there to calm his shit down. The fans learn what Brandon did at camp.

Philip tells him that he’s being disrespectful. He probably talks to his aunt who is looking after his kids. Jeff has to keep Brandon under control. They have an impromptu tribal. They all vote for Brandon. Brandon votes for Philip. Jeff is massaging Brandon’s shoulders to keep him calm. He tells him to walk away, keep it calm, and then he’ll leave. He’s not going back to camp.

* * * * *

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12 thoughts on “Survivor Caramoan Fans Vs Favorites Persona Non Grata S26E05 (CBS)”

  1. Thanks for the link. My WordPress page doesn’t list comments any longer and I don’t see the links or postbacks now. Not sure why. I wonder if the others who usually leave ‘likes’ on your page are having a problem finding it as well.

    Anyway, what an episode that was! Brandon said he had such a hard time after his last appearance on Survivor that he vowed he wouldn’t cry this time around. Hold that stuff in and it puts cracks in the head…

    He’s probably not going to like what people say about him this time around either. Will be interesting to see the beginning of the next episode and watch how the tribe handles it.

    1. From his previous season, it’s obvious that Brandon has an extreme temper and anger management issues. That’s never been a debate. He’s also conflicted and tortured about his Uncle Russ Hantz. I don’t think he should have been psychologically cleared to get onto this show. I don’t know what goes into the tests that they make the Survivor candidates take, but obviously they’re not comprehensive enough because I’m not a psychologist, but I easily predicted his breakdown.

      That being said, it was a good episode. I don’t really care much about Brandon as a person, but it was interesting to watch. I like how Jeff managed to handle it, and how he kept a potentially dangerous situation under control.

  2. I agree with your insightful comments. I never considered Russell impact with Brandon, I just felt Brandon was unbalanced in general. How he had to vote off the pretty women because HE couldn’t trust himself. How he flipped from thought to thought incoherently. How he solved things with violence and damage. But, it’s interesting to consider how Russell played into that mindset. I think you are correct about adding Russell into the equation.

    Jeff did what he could to diffuse the situation, very effectively. I don’t think they have bodyguards out there to protect the players from each other’s wrath.

    Now, on to read your most recent post. I can see my comments again on WordPress and I have the links/trackbacks back. woo hoo! See you over there.

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