Survivor Caramoan: Fans Vs Favorites Cut Off The Head of the Snake S26E09 (CBS)

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Reynolds is happy that Corinne left. He was spared. Instead of shutting up and getting ready for the next challenge, he opens his mouth to Andrea. It won’t take him long to spill the fact that he’s got an idol. Eddie also mentioned that any girl who was close to them got evicted, so maybe Reynolds isn’t as dumb as he seems. Maybe he just wants the tribe to get rid of Andrea.

Meanwhile, Malcolm is still reeling from the setback of losing his biggest ally. The flip side is that now, no one knows about the idol he has in his possession. He thinks that Mike, Eddie and Reynolds are still under his control.

Philip is talking to Sherri. He now wants Mike to go home. He starts to do his Stealth R Us BS. He gives Sherri the name Tenacity. She thinks she is all in with the favorites.

It’s time for the reward challenge. They are near a dock at the mouth of a river. They will divide into two teams of five. One member will be a defender. The others will try to score a ball into a net, by throwing themselves into the water and launching a ball. The reward is to go to a waterfall, rappel down, and get a picnic lunch. The purple team has Erik, Eddie, Cochran, Reynolds, and Mike. The orange team has Brenda, Philip, Dawn, Andrea and Malcolm. Sherri wasn’t picked so she isn’t going on reward. They are playing to four. Eddie launches directly at Malcolm, and fails. Brenda lobs the ball and scores. Erik goes high and scores for purple. It’s 1-1. Andrea scores for orange. It’s 2-1. Reynolds misses. Dawn misses too. Cochran scores. It’s 2-2. Philip does a stutter step and scores. It’s 3-2 for orange. Eddie finally scores. It’s tied 3-3. Brenda just misses. Erik scores. Purple wins. Eddie, Cochran, Reynolds and Mike will join him on reward. Malcolm looks pissed.

The rappel is a confidence boost for Cochran. They sit down and stuff themselves. They make a pitch to Cochran about an all guy alliance.

They must not know me very well because they think that emphasizing the testosterone unity between us. We’re men, we’re men and we hate women. We are going to slap each other with towels in the locker room, and chug beers. That doesn’t work with me. That doesn’t appeal to me at all. I’m not going to be engaging in any sort of masculine tomfoolery with these numbskulls.

I need numbers and it’s easier to scoop them up at the bottom.

Malcolm starts talking with Sherri and Dawn to pull them away from the favorite voting block. Dawn thinks that Malcolm is going to be a problem. She wants to get rid of him. Sherri is already talking to Andrea and Dawn. Dawn says that Malcolm is trying to flip it. They hatch a scheme to blindside him and make him believe that both Sherri and Dawn are voting with him. Philip tells him that they will split the vote between Eddie and Reynolds, but in fact they will be voting for Malcolm. The only way that Malcolm can save himself is if someone plays the idol. Malcolm is an astute player. I wonder if he’ll pick up on this. Also, if Malcolm wins the immunity challenge, the game is going to get interesting.

Andrea and Eddie sneak out for an island date. He says that he won’t vote for Reynolds. She doesn’t come out and say that he needs to vote for Malcolm.

It’s time for the immunity challenge. They will step into cages in the water. As the tide rolls in, the space will become smaller. The winner is the one that lasts the longest. After 30 min, the water has risen about 3″. After 1 hour, everyone is still in. The water is lapping onto their faces. Philip is the first one out. That comes as no surprise. Sherri is out, followed by Erik. Dawn is out. They are making snorkels out of their hands. Malcolm takes a look at who is still in the challenge and steps out. Mike is out. The water is above the grate. Reynolds is out. Cochran and Eddie are out. It’s between Brenda and Andrea. Andrea is almost out, but changes position and is back in. She’s out after trying another position. Brenda wins the challenge. Jeff calls for someone to let her know because she would have kept on going. She hadn’t moved much at all during this challenge.

Andrea and Dawn tell Malcolm about the splitting the vote. Naturally, she was lying but it looks like Malcolm bought it. Malcolm wants to vote off Andrea. Dawn says that if he shows her the idol, then she’ll vote with him. She thinks that it’s nuts that he still trusts her, because she gave the info tot the others. Dawn thinks that Malcolm is no longer dialed in.

Malcolm briefs Reynolds about what will happen during the vote. Reynolds says that if she screws him over, he’s going home. So if he doubts her, he’ll play the idol for himself. That was a bad move. Dawn kind of hates him now.

Reynolds doesn’t want Eddie talking with Andrea, because she’ll just reel him in and tell him lies. Andrea tells him that he’s not going home but she can’t tell him how to vote tonight. Eddie tells her that her name has been thrown around. Since there’s an idol in play, she has to change her play. She tells Cochran to vote for Mike, it’s the safe vote. Cochran is surprised that Andrea is willing to stop this aggressive move about taking out Malcolm and just vote safely. She changes her mind. She briefs her troops.

She talks with Dawn, and she’s so frustrated that she starts to cry a bit. Dawn is also angry because she worked so hard on getting the numbers and maneuvering Malcolm out. Andrea says that she can change it again if she’s certain that Malcolm doesn’t have an idol.

It’s time for tribal. Philip starts talking about Stealth R Us. Everyone is making faces at Jeff while he goes on.

I’d rather play my own game than be somebody’s puppet.
Eddie about Sherri

Andrea says that if the right person gets the right numbers at the right time, they can change the game. Jeff was paraphrasing her. Philip basically says that if this were the case, then they would be wrong and they would be gone next. Malcolm hears this all and looks shocked. He might play the idol. I’m not sure. I’d play it.

Reynolds is going to play the idol but before he can say anything, Malcolm tells him to hold up. He says that they all voted for him. He can tell. The whole story was about him. He should give him the idol so he can play it. Reynolds gives it up and Malcolm plays it. This means that the vote that Malcolm put on Reynolds could be the one that sends him home. Well, probably not. If the others voted for Andrea, she’s going home. Dawn and Brenda can’t believe it. Well, they are making faces at least.

Votes to Evict

Malcolm Reynolds
Eddie Andrea
Reynolds Andrea
Erik Michael
Mike Andrea
Andrea Michael
Philip Michael
Cochran Michael
Dawn Michael
Sherri Michael
Brenda Michael

Michael is voted out by a 7-3-1 vote (Michael, Andrea, Reynolds).

* * * * *

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3 thoughts on “Survivor Caramoan: Fans Vs Favorites Cut Off The Head of the Snake S26E09 (CBS)”

  1. I saw the preview for next week and Dawn is going to be a blubbering mess. So, her tears this episode are just a peek of what’s to come.

    I loved Cochran’s introspective speech before he rappelled down the waterfall. I also loved his manly speech about the other guys. I hope he sticks around for awhile.

    Malcolm was so smart in this episode. He didn’t use his idol and he survived. He also didn’t have to face the wrath of Reynolds since Reynolds survived the vote as well. Not sure how good it is since they lost a member of their alliance and they were down numbers going in. Maybe they’ll get a break and Dawn will opt to leave or Jeff will send her home on medical advice.

    1. Malcolm was smart, but he betrayed his intentions to the favorites group, so he might be in jeopardy in the coming episodes. He’s a strong player, and they have got it out for him. Dawn’s breakdown was predictable, but it’s a bit much. I guess we’ll see this week.

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