Survivor South Pacific Taste the Victory S23E05 (CBS)

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Keith and Whitney managed to absolve themselves of the responsibility of voting out Elyse, so they just voted to Dawn to cover their asses. Ozzy is going to be pissed. At least he’s got an idol. He will probably need to play it pretty soon if the others finally decide to get rid of him. Cochran was a bit annoying with his blatant efforts to look useful. He’s going to be the next one gone, followed by Dawn unless they have another hat-trick. Getting rid of Elyse was an interesting move, since Ozzy relied on her. She might be able to beat Christine in the Duel next week.

* * * * *

Stacey arrives at Redemption Island to see her friend Christine. Stacey plans on spilling the beans on Upolu during the duel. She doesn’t know much.

Brandon is crying some more. I don’t care. Albert and Mikayla got to the duel. Dawn and Whitney are there from Savaii. Christine and Stacey tell them that Coach runs the show.

They have to put balls in a chute. They will be more balls added into the metal railings every few minutes. The first person to drop a ball loses the challenge. Stacey doesn’t care about the spacing and that’s why she loses the challenge. Christine wins.

Albert comes back and tells Coach that it was bad. Stacey spilled the bills.

Cochran is annoyed that Ozzy and Elyse are still lounging in bed. Jim hears Ozzy say that if he was Coach, he’d get rid of Albert. Jim is going to use it to work on Keith.

Back at Upolu, Albert finds a clue to the hidden immunity idol. He gets flustered and spills the beans to Coach and Sophie. Coach goes looking for it alone and finds it. He tells Sophie and Albert.

Ozzy and Cochran go fishing with Keith. Ozzy does most of the fishing. He catches 11 fish.

Fishing is like underwater yoga.

It’s time for the challenge. Each tribe will have to eat through a roasted pig on the pig. They must spit meat into a basket but not eat it. The reward is some veg, spices, and bread. The winning tribe gets another clue to the immunity idol.

All of the tribe members have their hands tied to their backs. This is a different challenge. At one point, there is a piece of meat stuck in Keith’s teeth, and Dawn grabs it with her mouth. The same thing happens to Edna and Brandon. It’s something pleasant to watch. They end up spitting a lot. Jeff even says that it’s disgusting.

Rick drops one on the ground, but Mikayla grabs it. Jim comes with a huge piece of meat. Savaii has got 22lbs 12oz. Upolu has got 22lbs 14oz. Upolu wins again, but by 2oz. They also get to take the meat home. Brandon cooks it up and they are happy.

They’re going to have oral herpes.

As soon as they are back, Cochran starts working. The tribe is planning to evict him. Dawn wants to make a move and get rid of Elyse. Cochran and Jim are on board. Keith says that they need to get rid Elyse but he’d like to tell Ozzy. Keith thinks that Ozzy won’t trust him anymore. Keith talks with Whitney. Whitney thinks that Keith and her should vote for someone else.

It’s time for tribal. The focus shifts to Cochran after they make a rundown of the injuries. People have cut lips, bleeding gums, chipped teeth, and slightly dislocated jaws. Cochran is whining that he doesn’t have his retainer.

Votes to Evict

Cochran Elyse
Dawn Elyse
Elyse Cochran
Jim Elyse
Keith Dawn
Ozzy Cochran
Whitney Dawn

Elyse is voted out by a 3-2-2 vote (Elyse-Cochran-Dawn). So Whitney and Keith voted for Dawn. Ozzy will see through this and their alliance is now broken. Ozzy looks shocked. That was a blindside.

* * * * *

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  1. Again, wanted to leave something here since I haven’t had a lot of time to make a coherent comment. If this is the latest episode, then I got home just in time to see Coach find the Immunity Idol. But I glanced through the recap and didn’t really see anything about that. Again, I’m going to have to catch up on these soon.

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